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3 Steps to Better Public Speaking

by Matt Eventoff The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills a person can have. It often determines whether a leader is viewed as being effective or ineffective, a plan is considered successful or a failure, and whether or not a deal gets done. For a leader, success, or failure, is [...]

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Secret Strategies Of The Gurus: Guru 1 - Bill Gates As A Small Business Entrepreneur

by Rick Tanzo Strategies are strategies. Dismiss for a moment from your mind what some people are saying about Bill Gates’ offensive practices he used to transform himself from a small business entrepreneur to a titan in the business world. There are yet honest-to-goodness strategies we can glean from his sleeves. We can study, learn [...]

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Five New Business Books - April 14th 2008

Here at Cultivate Greatness, I receive tons of business books for review, sometimes more than I can possibly read… but, I want to make sure that you guys get the same benefit of knowing which business books are in the pipeline, that you may want to pick up. Since August 2007, I have received well [...]

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Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Complete Guide and 40+ Resources

by Skellie @ AnyWired If you are — or would like to be — an entrepreneur, yet you’d be happy to earn enough to live the life you want rather than becoming filthy rich, lifestyle entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you. Lifestyle entrepreneurs will generally base their ventures around time minimalism, or something [...]

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