CultivateGreatness Success and Personal Growth Blog Carnival #012, April 7th, 2007

by Travis Wright on April 7, 2023

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here we are with the 12th edition of the Success Blog Carnival at Cultivate Greatness! This issue has also has over 100 Article Submissions! A great amount of wisdom to share… so many golden nuggets of wisdom to share.

Thanks for your submissions! I’m going to increase the amount of carnivals that I put out, so that there are fewer entries on it, making it easier to read all the stuff. There are SO many great articles here, its unreal.

Also, if you article is listed in this blog carnival, please provide a linkback to somewhere on your site, to provide a nice circle of link love! :-)

Here we are in April. The year is 1/4th over. Make sure to stay on task with your goals and move forward toward your dreams. You deserve them! Thanks for making the April 7th, 2007 edition of the Cultivate Greatness, Success and Personal Growth BlogCarnival a success!

Personal Development presents BELOVED – Part II posted at Street Smart Spirit, saying, “This article encourages the reader to discover his/her beauty and strengths, to continue the never ending process of growth and to be able to truly love oneself, as a prerequisite to being fully capable of loving other people.”

Praveen presents Viewpoint posted at Tao of Simplicity.

Rajesh.P.I presents Freeing a dream… posted at Let the sunshine in, saying, “To free myself from a recurring nightmare, I realized I had to first face it then deliverance was just a step away…”

Christine Kane presents Rust Never Sleeps posted at Christine Kane.

Albert Foong presents Tools: Forgiveness Part One posted at Urban Monk.

Jonathan Fields presents Live Life Forward - Forgive the Past posted at The Being Project.


Billy Smith presents When It Comes To Being A Firefighter posted at The Organic Leadership Blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Office Politics posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Ybother presents 10 Ways to Improve your Marketing Presentation posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “Presentations should be eye catching and have as little text as possible. This article shows you 10 simple to make graphics which spruce up your presentation in less than 5 minutes.”

Aaron M. Potts presents Personal Development Pop Quiz: Why do you Work? posted at Today is that Day.

Praveen presents Internet Marketing Lesson - I’ll Pay You $2 posted at My Simple Trading System.

Albert Foong presents The Misery and World Peace Viruses posted at Urban Monk, saying, “Thanks for hosting a carnival!”

Ybother presents 10 Ways Retailers Make You Pay More! posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “Think you are getting a good deal? Think again. There are many ways retailers can make you buy more or pay more than you should.
If you are a business owner, you are free to set prices for the most efficent profits.”

Susan Velez presents Leveraging Your Time posted at The Secret To Life.

Ted Reimers presents Best Business Schools for the Entrepreneur posted at CampusGrotto.

Charles H. Green presents Working and Feeling Good posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Being happy at work turns out to have to do with being engaged, and being engaged with being praised. It doesn’t turn out to have much to do with incentive payments. Why do we have to keep rediscovering “treat people well”?”

Jack Yoest presents Managing Management Time: Harvard’s Monkey Paper by Oncken posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “The Tipping Point

The Three Second Rule

The Monkey on Your Back

The Monkey on Your Back?

Managers ’round the world recognize this expression as the situation where an individual has the next move in an assignment.”

Business Development

Lead Optimize presents Get More Leads From Contact Forms posted at Lead, saying, “Your website’s contact form can generate excellent qualified leads while maximizing the number of contacts you get with only a few simple changes.”


Betsy Flanagan presents Coinstar founder Jens Molbak posted at Startup Studio, saying, “I think this could go in a number of different categories. But, here is the beauty of Jens Molbak’s story — he founded Coinstar because he wanted to prove that public, private and non-profit benefits could exist in one organization. The private benefits are obvious, the public benefits include increasing the velocity of money and therefore decreasing the government’s need to print more coins, and the non-profit benefits include the Coins that Count program he started that created one of the most efficient means of giving to charaties. Jens is a strategic thinker, very encouraging of other entrepreneurs, and inspiring.



Ybother presents 10 Scientific findings about Happiness posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “Happiness ain’t hard to come by. You just need to do the 10 things in this list.”

JoLynn Braley presents How “You On A Diet” Influenced Me to Change posted at The Fit Shack.

ananga presents Breathing for Beginners posted at Answers from Ayurveda.

Ybother presents Top 10 Signs of Cancer posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “An estimated 80 million people will comprise an age group of 65 years and older by the year 2050. Currently 60% of all cancers occur in persons over 65 years of age, and cancer in older people is becoming more common, with an estimated 80% in this population by 2050. Here are Top 10 signs for you to check on. Just in case.”

Ybother presents 10 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Toothbrush posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “Why you should switch over to an electric toothbrush? Because among other reasons, it just cleans better. This means white teeth, fresher breath and less visits to the dentist.”


Brad Isaac presents 10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure posted at Achieve IT!, saying, “In the hustle and bustle of this technologically packed world you may decide you really don’t want to achieve any lasting success in your lifetime. Sure, you can find a lot of strategies and tips here that can help you increase your success rate. But what about the people who are perfectly happy not achieving anything? Is it fair that I keep pushing and prodding if someone is content leaving behind a legacy of debt and mediocrity? hmmm…maybe not. So this is for all the people who want to have goals but not achieve them.”

Azmi Mufti presents $97 in One Day from Google AdSense posted at Azmi M..

Susan Velez presents Not Promised Tomorrow Don’t Let Limiting Beliefs Stop You posted at The Secret To Life.

Alan presents Starting your own business posted at Made to Be Great.

Kilroy_60 presents Kilroy Fear & Loathing, A Hunter S. Thompson tribute – A business management consultant, spiritualist & writer looks at life - Sex Drugs Rock & Roll posted at Fear And Loathing - The Gonzo Papers.

Paula Kawal presents paula kawal . com » What’s Choosing You? posted at paula kawal, saying, “An article about following your passions in life.”

Fenton presents The Secret Tool For Achieving Success posted at Success Resources, saying, “A story to inspire the winner inside you.”

Fenton presents You’re A Miracle posted at Success Resources, saying, “The biggest miracle that you ever found is YOU!”

Law of Attraction

Charles H. Green presents Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Watch out what you envision—it may backfire on you!”

Christine Kane presents You Teach People How to Treat You posted at Christine Kane.

Wanda Grindstaff presents After the Decision - What is the Next Step? posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset, saying, “After deciding what you want, what is the next step? I review that step here.”

Susan Velez presents Manifesting Our New Carpet posted at The Secret To Life.

Wanda Grindstaff presents To Have Something You Have Never Had posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset, saying, “After making your desires know, it takes faith for them to manifest.”

oovs presents The Process of Turning your Dreams into Reality posted at LifeTraining - Online.

TheNourisher presents Five things My Grandchildren will Say to Me posted at The Nourisher.

Susan Velez presents The Power Of Intention posted at The Secret To Life.

Azmi Mufti presents Understanding the Law of Attraction posted at Azmi M..

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. presents More thoughts about The Secret, illness, and the law of attraction posted at Think Positive! Blog - official blog for

Wanda Grindstaff presents Urgency to Create Your Life posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset, saying, “Use the fuel of emotion to create your desired results.”

David Siddall presents Why isn?t the Law of Attraction working for me? posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “Many people don’t understand why the laws of attraction aren’t working for them- this article explains reasons for resistance and how we hinder the law of attraction. 10 ways to hinder law of attraction.”

David Siddall presents Down and out for 20 years- But goes the Distance to Live Dream posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “A burn out journalist gave up on his life long dream spanning 20 years only to see all the pieces of the jigsaw miraculously fit together in the space of 2 weeks due to some weird coincidences- maybe it was FATE, maybe it was the Law of Attraction at work.

Gerald Chuah thought his book on ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ would take off after meeting Sylvester Stallone in 1997. However this wasn’t the case, so he gave up hope and was down on his luck. 10 days before the final installment of the Rocky series- Rocky Balboa- he decided to act and be it strange coincidences, luck, destiny or fate his dream is set to take off.”

David Siddall presents Introducing The Secret Teachers posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “This is the most comprehensive guide to the 24 Secret Teachers you could ever find. Most people can only remember the ones on Larry King Live or Oprah- this goes into every single ones bio and story”

Karen Lynch presents How Do You Want to Live? posted at LivethePower.

Edward Mills presents Why Bad Press For The Secret Is Good News For Us posted at Edward Mills.


Shamelle presents That’s A Fake Smile; Say Cheese! posted at Enhance Life.

Charles H. Green presents Trust Tip 35: Reciprocity, Sales and Suicide Hot Lines posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Suicide hotlines teach something very important about trust and persuasion. When you pick up a call in a suicide hotline center, the first impulse is to try and start talking; to try and convince the caller not to kill himself. It’s the exact wrong thing to do.”

life coaching

Anna Farmery presents Lesson on Self Confidence posted at MabelandHarry.

Thea Westra presents 7 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Life posted at Leaders Are Readers.

Alan presents It gets lonely at the top - How to handle rejection posted at Made to Be Great.

Hueina Su presents Take Time for Friendships posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “In our super-busy society, it’s easy to neglect the important relationships in our life. As I navigated through school, career, marriage and motherhood, I became more and more appreciative and grateful for my old friends. No matter how busy you are, I hope you take time to nurture the significant friendships in your life.”


Lexi Sundell presents Love, Fear, and Minorities posted at Energies of Creation.


Ellesse presents How to Find a Good Mentor posted at Goal Setting College.

Alan presents Choosing a Self-Help Guru, Site or Program posted at Made to Be Great.


Jigsaw hc presents Online Word Processor Comparison posted at Rants & Reviews.

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Peter Kua presents There is only ONE reason an employee stays posted at

Alvaro Fernandez presents “Tis better to give than receive”: oxytocin and dopamine posted at SharpBrains, saying, “A high-schooler on the beauty of generosity.”

John Lampard presents The conscience posted at The InterChange Desk.

Dianne M. Buxton presents manifestingsuccess: Is Affilliate Marketing A Career Builder For You? posted at manifestingsuccess.

Personal Development

Tupelo Kenyon presents Benefits of Music for Personal Development posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Thank you.”

GP presents C is for Communication posted at Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping, saying, “Cultivate greatness with the big C - communication be it with our inn guests or the folks in town.”

Scott Young presents Scott H Young » Upgrade Your Day posted at Scott H Young.

Anna Farmery presents The Engaging Brand : 5 Things I wish I had Known When I Started As A Leader posted at The Engaging Brand.

presents Treasure of Life posted at Success Step.

The Positivity Blog presents 9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Personal Growth posted at Henrik Edberg.

Robinson Go presents Your Personal Self Improvement Carnival! posted at Personal Development, saying, “I’ve dedicated my hours and insights for your personal development. Become more productive, effective and maintain focus on what really counts in your daily life. Make conscious decisions and courageously follow through on them. You’ll learn practical ideas to make important changes in your life, both big and small, so you can get your life on track and start living up to your potential.”

Shama Hyder presents Draining out the Dirty Bath Water posted at SHAMA HYDER. com, saying, “Lots of free articles and how-to’s from an excellent success coach and speaker.”

Susan Velez presents You Will Reach Your Goals posted at The Secret To Life.

almomento presents How to Change Your Money Fate posted at BurstCreativity.

Patricia presents Immediate Gratification posted at Patricia.

Wayne C. Allen presents Never wait for another to make you happy posted at The Phoenixcentre Blog.

Shama Hyder presents Top Five Reasons Most Personal Development Habits Don’t Stick posted at SHAMA HYDER. com, saying, “Shortcuts and Secrets to Success!”

Shama Hyder presents Subjective Reality posted at SHAMA HYDER. com, saying, “Shortcuts and Secrets to Success!”

Debra Moorhead presents How to Create Your “Look” posted at Debra

Michael Estep, Ph.D. presents Left, Right, and Wrong Brain posted at Intuitive Feeling-Learning.

LolaLondon presents 1. Tell me a story, Jackanory… posted at L’undone, saying, “This is a tale of high-weirdness, big love, cyber-crime and the mutual insane obsession of two people that never even met. This blog is the true story of how it happened and how I got through it.”

Craig Harper presents What Really Matters…. posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “My first employee was a young trainer named Matt.
He was nineteen, good looking, built like superman and had the personality and the charisma to match.
One short phone call made me realise how un-important my to-do list was.”

Justin Lowery presents The Secret to Wealth and Abundance - Intro. posted at, saying, “A series of articles pertaining to success of one’s life through the law of attraction, projecting reality and steps of creation.”

Christine Kane presents Why Your Ego Loves Airline Delays posted at Christine Kane.

Marcy Nala presents Is Your Life Working For You? posted at The Abundant Life.

Coach Char presents Simple formula to manifest your intentions posted at

Stategic Thinking

Andrew Mason presents The Planning Models - Natural Planning with GTD posted at Did I Get Things Done?.

Alan presents Tired of having problems? Well guess what.. posted at Made to Be Great.

Alec presents Winning Back the Lost Hours posted at Alec Gullon, saying, “Maximising your time management by recognising what is and isn’t important in your life.”

CA presents Issues in Strategy Implementation: Incorporate best practices and push for continuous improvement posted at Strategy, marketing and project management consulting services for small business: IQI Strategic Management, Inc., saying, “The article explores if Surpetition and Kaizen (continuous improvement) can be melded to gain competitive advantage for small businesses”


George C presents 10 Famous Quotes About Success | Blogger Lounge posted at Blogger Lounge.

GP presents You Never get a Second Chance posted at Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping, saying, “Whether it’s guests arriving at our inn, personal , business relationships, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”

Noel Kuhlman presents How To Destroy The Lazy Drones In Your Team posted at Self Help Can Be Fun.

Deb Serani presents Want To Succeed? Don’t See Red posted at Dr. Deborah Serani, saying, “This post informs that the color red can impede performance and success.”

The Positivity Blog presents Why some people almost always are successful posted at Henrik Edberg.


Erek Ostrowski presents Getting Out of Debt (Part 3.5: More on Expenses) posted at Verve Coaching, saying, “This is the latest installment in my aptly named “Getting Out of Debt” series. If you’ve been following along, you know we’re working on reducing expenses. Enjoy…”

David presents Philanthropy is the New Measure of Financial Success posted at Worldwide Success.

David Siddall presents The Teachers of The Secret Launch The Science of Getting Rich posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith, some of the most prominent teachers in The Secret are giving away free Science of Getting Rich lessons. This exclusive is an essential read for any big fan of The Secret”

Michael Fowke presents Money is the way posted at Money is the way.

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JoLynn Braley April 15, 2023 at 2:47 pm

Hi Travis,

Thanks very much for including me in your blog carnival. Wow, you’re right, there are many many great articles here! :)

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