How to Get over Bad Moods

by Travis Wright on May 27, 2023

By Farouk Radwan

Are you feeling down? Do you want to get over this bad mood? If you want to get rid of something, you should first understand it. Most people experience bad moods without even knowing why. They just tend to relate these feelings to the first thing they find in their way, like a recent fight they had with their boss or just the normal stress of life. The truth however, is leadership trainingmuch deeper than this and requires getting a little deeper within yourself.

Why Am I Feeling Down?

Your current state of emotion is the result of all of the life experiences you have had up until this moment. The fight you had yesterday with your close friend and the bad grades you got the day before represent only a share of your current emotions. The important thing is that these emotions are also accompanied by good ones too, like the complement your received today from one of your friends and this nice music that you are listening to now.

Summing up all the good and the bad things that are currently important to you or that have an impact on your life will result in your current state of emotion, whether it be disappointment or otherwise.

Great, So How Do I Get over These Feelings?

If you understand the previous concept then you may have already guessed that doing something good that is totally unrelated to your problems can make you feel better. For example, if you have lots of problems, like work related stress, exams and a recent break-up, but managed to lose some weight in between all of this mess, you will end up feeling better even though you still did nothing to solve these problems.

When Small Problems Accumulate

Some of us have developed a bad habit of accumulating small tasks, thinking that we should first deal with bigger and more pressing problems first then finish our small tasks later and this is a really bad attitude. This faulty key in your keyboard and your gradually accumulating paper work will eventually turn into small problems and will be reflected in your current mood too. So by accumulating many of these non-important chores, you will either feel down immediately or become much more vulnerable to feeling down when more small problems accumulate.

Usually accumulated problems are not only formed of small problems, but of the sum of both, large and small problems. Of course solving the big ones will have a much bigger impact on your mood because they will be taking more significant shares of your current emotional state, but don’t discount the effect solving irritating trifles can have on your mood.

Accumulated Problems Trigger Bad Moods

You are always in a state of receiving information from the world through your five senses. The more unresolved problems you have, the more likely you will receive data that can make you feel down. For example, being overweight will make it more likely for you to feel bad whenever you pass by a mirror or whenever you over-eat. In this case, over-eating and seeing yourself in the mirror don’t bother you by themselves, they just reminded you of one of your accumulated problems.

Now imagine having ten accumulated problems. What do you think will happen to you as you progress through the day? You will be collecting more data that will result in making you feel down and then wonder why you started the day feeling good but ended up feeling down.

Your Body Language Is Affecting Your Mood Too

I challenge anyone to be feeling down then find that his back is straight. If you’re feeling disappointed, you’ll find that you’re most probably not be sitting in an upright position. This posture has an effect on your emotions too: just like your emotions affect your gestures , so do your gestures affect your emotions. Sit with your back straight for a few minutes and you will start to feel better.

Falling Prey to Negative Thinking

As soon as we feel down the negative thinking cycle starts. We start to perceive everything as problematic and we anticipate more problems and the result is that we feel even worse. Any small negligible change may be regarded as something bad or as a threat: your torn shoelace will become a great problem and not finding your other shoe will appear to be a gigantic one.

The solution to this is to break the cycle of negative thinking. Just stop thinking of more problems and start to think of how to solve the current ones. Don’t fall prey to your thoughts and your imagination, instead, master them and don’t let them take control of you.

The Time Machine

Life would have been much better if the time machine was invented, right? Well the good news is that some of us have already developed their own time machines and use it regularly!! They travel to the future and bring all of the problems they anticipate back with them to make them feel worse than they already are.

Even if you don’t have problems at the moment, you may feel bad because of your fear of future problems!! If you are the type of person who always gets worried about the future, you are more likely to experience bad moods and feelings. Read this guide in order to know how to control your habit of getting worried.

Know Your Enemy

Knowing what’s making you sad can be just as effective as solving a few small problems simply because not knowing what’s making you feel bad is regarded as another problem and so is reflected in your mood too!!

So to summarize this all, isolate your problems, start solving them one by one and don’t accumulate other tasks that may turn into problems in their own right. Break the cycle of negative thinking and you will at least be reducing your bad feelings or you may even end up totally free of them.

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Charlie May 28, 2023 at 2:16 am

Small problems do accumulate. We’ll be surprised with the result if we don’t notice those small problems piling up. We have to be aware of the possible outcomes of the things we do.

Howie May 28, 2023 at 9:51 pm

Nice tips. We all have to identify the source of our problems in order to solve them. But I think there are problems that are unpredictable and may ruin our day. I guess we have to be prepared in facing those problems even though we don’t expect them to come.

Griffin Fraser June 14, 2023 at 4:26 am

This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything - and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

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