CultivateGreatness Personal Development Blog Carnival #016

by Travis Wright on July 10, 2023

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here we are with the 16th edition of the semi-frequent Personal Development Carnival at Cultivate Greatness! A great amount of wisdom to share within this edition of our Blog Carnival… many, many golden nuggets of wisdom to share… [ over 150 submissions! ]

If this is your first article listed in this personal development blog carnival, please provide a linkback to somewhere on your site, to provide a nice circle of link love! :-)

Here we are near the beginning of July. The year is half over. Make sure to stay on task with your goals and move forward toward your dreams. You deserve them! Thanks for making the July 10th, 2007 edition of the Cultivate Greatness, Success and Personal Growth BlogCarnival a success!

edithyeung presents The Fork in the Road posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act., saying, “Great story about Rose Bach.”

SpiKe presents The Top 10 GTD & Productivity Sites/Blogs posted at Organize IT.

Albert Foong presents Aristotle vs. Urban Monk Round 1: Finding Bliss. Success. Love. posted at Urban Monk.

Brandon Peele presents The Albigen Papers Book Review posted at GT.

Meera Patel presents 5 Things Every Young Adult Should Know posted at Meera on the Wall.

Ruth Mitchell presents Non Traditional Weddings posted at Buy Outside the Box, saying, “Living outside-the-box has its benefits.”

Susan Velez presents Plants Are Like Dreams posted at The Secret To Life.

Michael presents You’re Smarter Than You Think posted at Empowering People Through Information, saying, “– and unless you’re already a raging egomaniac, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In this brief podcast I share some recent findings from cognitive psychology and explain why your current and potential intelligence is greater than you think.”

Joseph Bernard presents Are You Ready For Some Good News? posted at Explore Life, saying, “Inspirational Paul Hawken talk and new web source for anyone interested in making a difference in the world.”

Joseph Bernard presents The Wiser Heart posted at Explore Life, saying, “The heart is key in creating success in your life”

Praveen presents Self-Talk is Important posted at Tao of Simplicity.

Brandon Peele presents Origin of Endeavor posted at GT.

Brandon Peele presents Psychology vs. Philosophy posted at GT.

Daniel Scocco presents The Difference Between e.g. and i.e.? posted at Daily Writing Tips.

Alex Parks presents The Facebook Breakup posted at Philosophical High.

Leah J. Utas presents Beautiful Intelligent Talented Confident Happy posted at The Goat’s Lunch Pail.

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents The Mental Glue posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Only Three Notes presents “Clean up” your identity with a blog! posted at Only Three Notes.

SpiKe presents Self-Help Myths: Confidence posted at Organize IT.

SpiKe presents Clutter 101: The Landing Strip posted at Organize IT.


Ybother presents Top 10 Must Have Add-Ons for ThunderBird posted at A Top Ten List Everyday to Jumpstart Your Knowledge, saying, “Do you use ThunderBird as your email client in your business? If you do, check this article out to improve how Thunderbird works.”

Terry Dean presents 10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Anne Maybus presents The Tall Poppy posted at The Tall Poppy.

Pushpa Sathish presents 5 Web Hosts That Will Withstand a Digg posted at Hosting Lowdown.

Terry Dean presents 7 JVs You Might Not Have Thought About posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Business Development

David presents Is Your Advertising? Sexy? posted at The Alexander Report, saying, “This article explains how to create sensual advertisements”

George Courtney jr presents A Positive Attitude Will Help Your Business posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Erek Ostrowski presents Building a Sustainable Infrastructure posted at Verve Coaching, saying, “Building a sustainable infrastructure means creating systems and procedures that can be followed consistently and reliably, and that require as little time, thought and energy as possible.”


Kennubo presents Ken Nubo — Your daily source of rambling: Beating the social script posted at Ken Nubo — Your daily source of rambling, saying, “Beating the social script”

Robinson Go presents A Comprehensive Blogging Guide posted at Robinson Go dot Com, saying, “This is a future comprehensive guide to blogging to be filled with posts that will run over a year. ‘Blogging for Entrepreneurs!’”

Julie Bonner presents Blogger List of Salaries Person #1 - Erin Pavlina posted at Julie Anne Bonner, saying, “I believe this is the epitomy of powerful living: Doing what you love and know and making a good living. Erin decided to take the plunge into the blogging world and she is reaping the rewards of that right now. Read how she doesn’t make an income from her blog, but how her blog helps her make an income.”


finerminds presents Pain Is All in the Mind posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “Pain is all in the Mind! Use positive thinking to think away the pain”

GP presents Going Green to Save Green posted at Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping, saying, “Going green doesnt have to be for just treehuggers anymore. Go green to save green”

Talia Mana presents “Disconnect” Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Thing posted at Centre for Emotional Well-Being, saying, “Learn to value downtime and disconnect”


aditi jain presents LESS FORTUNATE posted at INTROtalk.

finerminds presents Moving Tribute To Kurt Vonnegut posted at SelfPursuit, saying, “Moving tribute to Kurt Vonnegut”

Joseph Bernard presents Let’s Be Peaceful posted at Explore Life, saying, “Ideas of inner peace and peace in the world”

Patricia presents Make the Most of Every Moment: Lessons from the Terminal Illness That Wasn’t posted at Patricia.

Tom LeDree presents Give The Inspiration Around You A Chance! posted at Tom LeDree.

Hueina Su presents Journey into Love posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “my small token of appreciation and inspiration for all mothers.”

Jack Yoest presents Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery posted at, saying, “Every time we’ve made the left turn onto Eisenhower Drive, and passed through the imposing brick gates of Arlington National Cemetery, I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion. Family members of those buried at Arlington National Cemetery are given a special pass and may drive onto the Hallowed Grounds to visit the grave of their loved one. It’s an enormous honor which makes me feel humbled.”

Joanne Tai presents The Litest Things posted at I’m Happy Fish.

edithyeung presents Edith Dream Think Act » Blog Archive » When you turn 30… posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

FitBuff presents How I Lifted 50 Pounds with My Mind posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “Fascinating story of a firsthand experience of “mind over matter” — 50×25= 1,250 pounds of it, to be exact!”

Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 Alternatives To Venture Capital posted at Business

Law of Attraction

finerminds presents Esther Hicks - The Secret behind the Esther Hicks Omission Revealed posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “There has been an uproar about why Esther Hicks was left out of the Secret, in this post and video she explains why, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth”

finerminds presents Beckwith Versus Beckham - Michael Beckwith is Hot! posted at The Secret Notes, saying, “Beckwith versus Beckham? Michael Beckwith has received so much attention on the forums for his charm and good lucks, take a look at this”

finerminds presents Origins of The Law of Attraction posted at, saying, “Origins of the Law of Attraction”

finerminds presents Be Inspired With The Law Of Attraction posted at, saying, “Be inspired with the Law of Attraction”

finerminds presents Use Emotions to Fulfill Your Destiny posted at, saying, “Use Emotions to Fulfill Your Destiny with Tony Robbins”

finerminds presents Esther Hicks - The Law Of Deliberate Creation posted at, saying, “The Law of Deliberate Creation”

finerminds presents Welcome to Thoughts Transform - The Ultimate Law of Attraction Blog posted at, saying, “Introducing The Law of Attraction”

Susan Velez presents Under The Tuscany Sun posted at The Secret To Life.

Coach Peter Khoury presents Beyond ?The Secret!? posted at, saying, “Wealth Attraction on Steroids”

Susan Velez presents Happy Mother’s Day posted at The Secret To Life.

Lola presents Law of Attraction - receiving posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development, saying, “A post on the receiving aspect of Law of Attraction.”

Elvis D presents Looks Like Rain posted at 365fiction.

Bart Pair presents The Science of Thought (Part 1) posted at 10,000 Thoughts.

Bart Pair presents The Science of Thought (Part 2) posted at 10,000 Thoughts.

George Courtney jr presents Attract Success Into Your Life By Knowing And Applying These Principals Now posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

David Richeson presents How to Overcome Negative Emotions posted at 360 Degree Success, saying, “Many people are trying to use the Law of Attraction, but are struggling with maintaining a positive mindset. This article will help.”

George Courtney jr presents The Universal Law of Vision posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Dianne M. Buxton presents manifestingsuccess: Tapping Into a Positive-Beyond-Belief Attitude Every Day posted at manifestingsuccess, saying, “How can we switch emotional tracks quickly? Is every day a career builder day, putting money in the bank? Or are you losing time with your progress in internet marketing and home business projects. There is an easy way to tap into the high vibration of enthusiasm and raise your default state of mind.”

Jason Cockfield presents The Secrets of the Universe: The Law of Attraction posted at Higher Endeavors.

Uni presents How to Combine Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction posted at You Deserve More, saying, “Enjoy this great article!”

Susan Velez presents Dogs Are So Laid Back posted at The Secret To Life.

Astrid Lee presents World Healing » Join this Worldwide Initiative from wherever you are posted at World Healing, saying, “The Law of Attraction can be used for more than creating a $1m in your personal bank account. Join us each month to envision world peace, food for all, basic healthcare around the world, and other good things like this! It’s simple, you can do it from wherever you are.
Realizing oneness is realizing greatness of the mind, i.e. enlighenment.

Read the details of this very interesting initiative, and put your name on the list. Just do it. United we can achieve miracles.”

presents How to Create a good impression posted at Radio Sri Chinmoy Blog, saying, “How to create a good impression on meeting other people.”

Sarakastic presents The Secret posted at Fibromyalgia Experiment, saying, “I’m a cynical person trying to see if “The Secret” really works”


Jeremy Reeves presents The Top 5 Ways To Appreciate Life More posted at The Road To A Perfect Life.

finerminds presents If You Want Your Children To Be Creative Don?t Send Them To School posted at SelfPursuit, saying, “IF YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE CREATIVE DON’T SEND THEM TO SCHOOL”

Joann Ang presents Manifesting: Life Magick » Blog Archive » Being One posted at Life Magick: Manifesting your Desires like Magick.

life coaching

finerminds presents Jim Rohn Share His years of Experience in the Personal Development Field posted at SelfPursuit, saying, “Jim Rohn a Remarkable Communicator shares 10 years in the personal development field”

Hueina Su presents Homecoming to You: Re-connecting with Your Authentic Self posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “Whenever we say we should or must do something or feel/behave in a certain way, we are judging ourselves. We are saying that there is something wrong with whatever we are currently feeling/doing, and that’s why we need to change (for someone else’s sake). When you judge yourself this way, either consciously or unconsciously, on a regular basis, you are denying your Authentic Self, and damaging your self-esteem. Here are some steps you can take to re-connect with your Authentic Self.”

Dianne M. Buxton presents Money Beyond Belief - the Actual Outcome You Seek posted at manifestingsuccess, saying, “Physical things we wish for may come with baggage and conditions, unpredictably. However, the qualities we wish to experience and see in our daily life, will simply manifest with the correct accompanying physical conditions.”

Hueina Su presents Practice Detached Involvement posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul.

John Hill presents Attracting Friends posted at Attracting

presents Problem of Self posted at Success Step.

Albert Foong presents The most dangerous mistake in tapping into your intuition posted at Urban Monk, saying, “Intuition will guide you to some awesome choices in your life as it has in mine - but why has it been so maligned? People make a dangerous mistake in tapping it, and so they think it’s “bad”. Find out what it is.”


Nathanael presents Love, from abstraction to application posted at Despair and Coffee.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Chance Meeting (Wedding Anniversary Limerick) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Anna Farmery presents My lessons on grief from a rainbow posted at Widows Quest.

Alex Blackwell presents What Makes a Relationship Great? posted at The Next 45 Years.

motivation presents How do you teach an eagle how to fly? posted at, saying, “A story that illustrates how we can soar and achieve our dreams by freeing our minds and believing in our hearts that we have it in us to fly and claim the sky.”

Christine Kane presents How to Get Nothing Done posted at Christine Kane’s Blog.

Mark Khoo presents The Dip: When To Quit And When To Stick posted at CommonSense with Markk, saying, “Review of Seth Godin’s latest book “The Dip”"

ananga presents Procrastination: How to Break the Spell and Get Things Done posted at Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog.

Anna Farmery presents 10 Just one more’s….. posted at The Engaging Brand.

Personal Development

finerminds presents Imagine Dedicating 4 Years To Bodybuilding - How Would You Look? posted at SelfPursuit, saying, “From skinny guy to Beefcake, a remarkable journey to fitness”

finerminds presents What Is Real Beauty? posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “What is real beauty? An amazing and shocking video”

finerminds presents Is What We Pray For What We Need? posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “Is What we pray for what we need?”

finerminds presents Why Religion and Spirituality are Very Different Things posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “Why religion and spirituality are very different things”

finerminds presents Is Too Much Choice Making Us Miserable? posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “Barry Schwarz gives an entertaining view of choice in modern society”

finerminds presents The Future of the World posted at MindHacks.Org, saying, “Can Physics save the World?!!! David Deutsch explains”

John Place presents Discover Your Message — Synergy Step 1 posted at, saying, “I wrote a series of articles on how to find your life’s message and use it to find your perfect job. If people enjoy it, contains more of the same. Thank you!”

Moneywalks presents Saving Money Update posted at moneywalks.

John Crenshaw presents The One Idea That Took 23 Years To Understand And Changed My Life Forever posted at Dominate Your Life, saying, “There’s one path on the way to meet your goals, and it’s disappearing behind you; there’s nowhere to go but forward, there’s no other option but to succeed.”

Jack Yoest presents The Queen’s Previous Visit: A lesson in attention to detail posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “Attention to detail. The White House got it right this time with the Queen’s visit.

But perhaps not on her last visit here with George H. W. Bush. Your Business Blogger received the following from Alert Reader Bob Morrison,”

steve bentham presents Take Control Where You Can posted at inspiration, motivation, goal achievement, success, personal development, saying, “Looking for help from outside agencies can often be to look in the wrong place…”

Lola presents Stay open, you don’t have all the answers posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development, saying, “A post about the benefits of staying open to everything.”

Lola presents It’s not always about trying harder posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development, saying, “Instead of trying harder, expand your comfort zone and try different.”

Lola presents What is your greatest fear? posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development.

George Courtney jr presents The Second Universal Law of Success: Law of Change posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Ray Dotson presents Increase Productivity: Eliminate One Wasteful Activity Today posted at FreshBlogger, saying, “This is a post about taking a slightly different approach to time management: Just eliminate or reduce time spent on one wasteful activity today to reclaim that time for something useful.”

Bert presents Life Purpose posted at Ask-Bert, saying, “This article covers the topic of discovering your own personal life purpose.”

art presents Self Commitment posted at Success Step.

Alvin Soon presents How to Create a Place of Power posted at Life Coaches Blog.

Charles H. Green presents Hostage Negotiation - Lessons for Selling, Customer Service and Business Relationships posted at Trust Matters, saying, “See the person beneath the fear—and then connect with that real human being.”

Charles H. Green presents Why Hugh Hefner Likes the No Asshole Rule posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Blame-throwing is a guilty pleasure.”

shazad mirza presents what are the Key tips for success (start with your hands) posted at Islamic facts, islamic info, islam general.

George Courtney jr presents Obstacles To Change posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

art presents Clear View posted at Success Step.

Kennubo presents How to get rid of fears, the unconventional way posted at Ken Nubo — Your daily source of rambling.

Joanne Tai presents A Weird Dream posted at I’m Happy Fish.

Lola presents Goal Setting Techniques posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development, saying, “Giving practical goal setting techniques that will push you forward on your journey to success.”

steve bentham presents Get motivated by overcoming fear of change posted at inspiration, motivation, goal achievement, success, personal development, saying, “Change is not to be feared because it’s normal… and you already know it”

Sagar Satapathy presents Business » How To: Bootstrap It (27 Tips) posted at Business

Jeremy Reeves presents Eat That Frog! posted at The Road To A Perfect Life.

Bob Crawford presents Growing Your SELF Blog - Bob Crawford Online posted at Growing Your SELF Blog - Bob Crawford Online, saying, “Are you making time for your dreams?”

ananga presents What Chronic Illness Taught me about Productivity posted at Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog.

Peter S C presents 50 Ways to Change Your Life for the Better posted at I will change your life . com.

George Courtney jr presents Six Qualities Every Goal Should Have posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Craig Harper presents The REAL SECRET of Success. posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “But without doubt, the toughest ’sale’ I ever have to make (and I make it daily) is the value (idea, notion, concept, whatever you want to call it) of discipline.

When I tell people that they don’t need a pill, powder, potion, product, gadget or gizmo… they simply need some discipline in their world, they are typically disappointed.
They really want someone or something to do it (whatever it is) for them.”

zenofeller presents The drowned faithfull posted at

ananga presents Why a Zero Tolerance Policy is Your Best Personal Development Resource posted at Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog.

presents Life lessons from Chess » Blog Archive » 101 Goals in 1001 Days posted at Life lessons from Chess, saying, “You have to have goals, both long-term and short-term to succeed in life. I think one of the best ways to do that is to list your 101 goals to do in 1001 days. Read/review the goals every day so you are focused. Here are my goals”

Stategic Thinking

Kennubo presents My top five self improvement posts posted at Ken Nubo — Your daily source of rambling.

shazad mirza presents How to win a Conversation and get your point across posted at Islamic facts, islamic info, islam general.

Andrew Michaels presents The Centrality Of The Mind posted at Lifecrafting, saying, “This article is about how your own mind can sabotage your life, but just as much, your mind can help you achieve the peace and quality of life that you deserve.”

George Courtney jr presents Goals posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

John Hill presents Repetition Is The Key posted at Universe Of Success.

FitBuff presents’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Tips to Empty Your Inbox and Keep It That Way posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “An empty email inbox provides an almost zen-like state of calmness–no pressing messages, no advertisements for a bigger penis, and no month-old newsletters that you haven’t had a chance to read yet. Unfortunately, very few people ever see the bottom of their virtual box for long, if at all. You will be surprised at just how effective this simple technique can be at reducing stress and clearing your mind for more important tasks.”


Robert Mackenzie presents How to study: Part 1 – The guide to perfect scores! posted at

Jeremy Reeves presents The Simplest Rule Of Success posted at The Road To A Perfect Life.

George Courtney jr presents Why February Has Only 28 Days (Unless It Is A Leap Year) posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

George Courtney jr presents Success and Wealth Covered in 4 steps posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Charles H. Green presents Trusted Transactions - Credit Card Processing posted at Trust Matters, saying, “The story of Gravity Payments, a small credit card processing startup in Seattle, demonstrates how bring your values to your entrepreneurship can lead to happier employees, more satisfied customers, and a more successful business.”

Robinson Go presents Achieve Success by Setting Goals posted at Robinson Go dot Com, saying, “Definitely a must read article for your readers who are aspiring to achieve success in the online realm.”

Robinson Go presents Procrastinate to Achieve Success posted at Robinson Go dot Com, saying, “A different perspective, same result.”

Sagar Satapathy presents How To: Distribute VoIP Throughout Your Home posted at VoIP Lowdown.


Wanda Grindstaff presents Prosperity and Abundance is Your Birthright - Living with Intent posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles, saying, “Do not buy into the myth that wealth is not for everyone.”

Scott Lee presents Acknowledge Your First Steps But Always Ask: What is the Next Step? posted at Scott Free Thinking.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Prosperity posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

David presents Back from Deals Gap posted at CashRoadTripUSA, saying, “Hey, this might make for a great blog story… Three friends started up this online adventure out figuring since all of us at one time or another wished we could go on a road trip across the country… why not do it and have someone else pay for it through ad space on their van and website. They want to share their stories, adventures and pictures with the world via the internet. For more details please take a look at: The website has now been talked about on Daily Buzz TV, 106.9 WCCC, 96.5 Buz,, Daily Noise, Wise Bread and a number of other online blogs and forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Thank you

Christine Kane presents Immunity from Gas Prices: One Girl?s Ultimate Guide posted at Christine Kane’s Blog.

Bradley Woods presents The 12 Great Riches of Life posted at Conceive, Believe, Achieve, saying, “True wealth and prosperity is not to be found in a bank account. These are the 12 riches of life which when possessed provide a truly successful life.”

Ruby presents 25 Ways to Make Money Quickly and Easily (and Legally)! posted at Advice and Rants.

Pushpa Sathish presents Feeling Unfulfilled? 37 Tips to Enjoy Work More posted at HR Lowdown.

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