Are Your Programmed For Success?

20 11 2006

by Charles E. White

Programmed for Success

Have you reached all your goals in life? Are you in the position you want to be in right now? If you answered “No”, there may be a reason for that and a way to get where you want to be. Success is no secret but it does take a good mindset on your part to achieve it. Have you known people who just didn’t seem to have it all together yet they were successful? Or how about someone not quite as bright as you and while you’re struggling, they have it all. Do you know people who have never reached their goals in life and just keep struggling to survive, again it’s all in the mindset, the way you think.

Habits-What kind of habits do you have and are they an asset for you to reach your goals? If not, then change them. Do you know you can form a habit within 30 days? Good or bad, again it’s all in the way you think..your mindset. If you have bad habits the chances of your success is diminished considerably. Again, you can break the bad habit and change it to something more beneficial to you within a month….30 short days.

A desire-Do you really and truly have a desire to be wealthy or is that just words that sound good? Can you visualize the money you want and touch it even though it’s not really there yet? This is a must for wealth. You need to see the money you want in your mind. You need to have a desire for money. Not just a wish or a hope but a true desire to obtain money and a plan to get it.

One other thing that is worth mentioning is this….you have to believe in yourself. You have to really have faith that you are going to be the person and do or receive what you want in life. If you don’t, then you’ll be right where you are now. No belief in yourself is one of the top reasons people fail. If you think you aren’t going to get what you want in life…You’re right! If you believe you’re going to get everything you want in life then you’re right again. Again, it’s all in the mindset.

Listen, no one can make you a success in life except YOU! The main thing you have to do is learn how to be successful. If you’re not where you want to be in life then get the help and knowledge you need to change your life for the better….learn the right mindset and how to acquire it.

About the Author

Charles has helped hundreds of people reach their goals in life. He started back in 1976 in helping people plan to reach their goals. Charles has been in marketing since 1972 and online marketing since 1991. His website is located at:

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