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How to Create Your Own Good Luck

By Tim Ryan Would you like to be able to create your own luck? Yeah of course you would. We have all experienced our own streaks of good and bad fortune. Luck is a funny thing though, it’s nature is so random, coming and going as it pleases, yet almost always deserting you when you [...]

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The Secret to the Law of Attraction is Simple - Gratitude

by Travis Wright When you are grateful, God and the universe will give you more to be grateful for. Living with a pleasant attitude and with a positive disposition will generate more happiness into your life and the lives of others around you. By adopting an appreciation for things, more things to appreciate become noticeable [...]

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Opportunities Are Unlimited

By: Brian Tracy There have never been so many opportunities to start and build a successful business than there are today. One Million Every Year Ambitious individuals like you, with dreams and hopes, are starting new businesses today at a faster rate than ever before. Over one million new enterprises are being launched each year, [...]

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You Become Who you Hang Around. Period.

by Travis Wright There is much to be said about the people you hang around in your life. If you hang around a bunch of corporate bores, chances are, you are a corporate bore. If your friends are like the one that NFL’s Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has, chances are you are going to become a [...]

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