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Why Most People Will Never Reach Their Goals!

by Ken Burgess It’s sad but true that many people are failing in reaching their goals! Even though they sit down and ask themselves what they really want in life, write it down, break their goals into small action steps and take action - they won’t achieve most of their goals. Do you know why [...]

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How Healthy Is Your Breathing?

by Dr. Andrew Weil Unless you have a breathing disorder or a yoga instructor is leading you through a breathing exercise, you may give little thought to how you breathe. But consciously regulating your breathing can neutralize stress, lower blood pressure, and improve digestion, among other health benefits. I encourage you to check in with [...]

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51 Health Tips

The following are 51 different health tips that are in no particular order. I have gotten through quite a few including stoping smoking. This list has been derived from: Working Out Comfort Eating Control those Cravings Puffy Eyes Family History Tweet This Post Digg This Post Stumble This Post

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Tony Robbins Unleashed!

I would assume that most people who check out this site, have respect for Tony Robbins. Well, through Google Video, here is a 10 minute excerpt from Mr. Robbins himself! Tweet This Post Digg This Post Stumble This Post

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