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Motivation and Inspiration

The difficulty with starting a journey like mine has always been maintaining the motivation to continue indefinitely. How many of us have begun things with the promise to ourselves and others that we’ll continue indefinitely, only to finish a week or two later and move on to something completely different. Take new years resolutions, for [...]

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Ten Days to a Happier, More Successful Career and Life

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” said our Founding Fathers. The truths you will discover over the next ten days or lessons are self-evident, too, but they are profoundly difficult to practice. Even as I write this series, I find myself questioning whether I am practicing what I am recommending. So, consider the pursuit [...]

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Steps for Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

Goal Setting is an extremely powerful technique for accomplishment, but for Goal Setting to really be effective requires more than just writing down what we want to achieve. This article will present important steps that will help to define and achieve goals with more success. Benefits of Goal Setting Goal setting helps us determine our [...]

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A New Way to Get Rich: Google, Yahoo ads

For hundreds of thousands of people, the dream of making an Internet fortune works like this: Earn pennies at a time in exchange for allowing Google Inc. or Yahoo Inc. to place advertisements on a personal or small-business Web page. Take Andrew Leyden, former House Commerce Committee counsel and founder of a dot-com venture that [...]

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