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Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Ok, so just got off the phone with a good friend. We were discussing the importance of defining your own personal mission statement. Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? What is your life’s mission? What do you wish to accomplish? Where would you like to go? How can you help? Life [...]

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8 Ways To Deal With Stress

Part of success in life is how well we deal with stress. The beauty of this is we can learn to deal better with stress so it is a life skill we can improve. No one can make us do anything. People and events do not cause us stress; it is our reaction to what [...]

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What’s Your Why?

This may be the most compelling word of all. “Why”. It motivates people to think and wonder. Children ask “why” of everything. The reason “why” is so important in human thought is that thought revolves around meaning. If something has no meaning to us, we ignore it. When it takes on meaning, we fix our [...]

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Improve Your Speaking Voice

The way in which a person speaks can contribute either positively or negatively to a perception of magnetism. Often, more significance is attached to the way something is said than to what is actually being said. A forceful voice, which includes a consistent tone without vocalized pauses, connotes power, control, and confidence, thus contributing to [...]

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