Archive | October, 2006

Is your Mind Resisting the Law of Attraction?

by Larry Blenn Many people who are first introduced to the law of attraction may find the idea to be quite uplifting at first. Then we settle back into our daily rituals and the newness of the idea falls to the way side. For many people our first instinct is to think of the law [...]

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Going Through The Opening, Contracting Before Expanding

Sometimes our lives contract before they expand. We may be working hard on ourselves spiritually, doing good in the world, following our dreams, and wondering why we are still facing constrictions of all kinds-financial, emotional, physical. Perhaps we even feel as if we’ve lost our spirituality and are stuck in a dark room with no [...]

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The Fear Factor!

by Clestine Herbert Fear has paralyzed some and curtailed the plans of others. It can start as small as a mustard seed, and then develop into a large oak tree. Fear is always lurking around the corner, hiding behind characteristics, and then showing up in unforeseen circumstances. It has escorted many men and women through [...]

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The Ease Of Being In Flow

by Wendy Betterini Have you ever experienced moments when everything seemed to just flow? Moments when you didn’t have to struggle or fight or force things to happen? It’s as if there were a giant hand holding a magic wand a few paces ahead of you at every step, magically shifting circumstances so that everything [...]

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