The Pauper Mentality with Google Adsense Tip

Some people are stuck on being poor. They think about all the debt they have, and are consumed by their LACK of money. Here is the trick The more you think about what you DONT want the more of that you get. If you think Debt The universe will send you more of what you think about most passionately.

Live with Passion, as Mentor Guru Anthony Robbins has so eloquently stated, but be passionate about that in which you WANT not dont want. Its so easy to get caught up in the Pauper Mentality and be in a constant state of lack. But a swift change in focus will allow abundance to flow into your life.

Choose to be successful. Choose to be Wealthy. Choose your Thoughts Wisely. Choose a Prosperity Consciousness, and Create Wealth.

Google AdSense Tip

If you are wanting to make money and get out of the trap, here is a strategy that may assist you in your journey towards wealth.

Set up a WordPress blog and utilize Google Adsense to bring them in some dough.   And then write blog articles about things that interest you.

The reason I would suggest Google Adsense program is because Google pays you money, for every visitor of yours that clicks on one of the Google Ad links.  Different search words have different values.  Create a website with content that you think people search for.

What are you passionate about?  Then, write about it.  Keep finding and creating new content, and become a ‘blogger’ that works from home… blogging. 

Since I have been writing all of these blogs on MySpace, and with all the positive support you have given me, I decided to create a site with content based on personal power and success articles that I find online, and the blogs that I write about success and whatnot.

Anyway, its a great program to help people get out of the ‘Pauper Mentality’ mode.  Google is a very hip company, and I applaud their successes.  :-)   Moreover, if you are broke, I recommend starting a blog, as it generates some money for the website owner by your visitors clicking on interesting links based off of the content on your site.  Damn, Google is brilliant.

God Bless Brothas and Sistas.  Much Love

-Travis Wright

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2 Responses to “The Pauper Mentality with Google Adsense Tip”

  1. February 5, 2023 at 8:36 am #

    Thanks for the inspiration!!! http://www.buildingwealthmagazine,com

  2. Adsense blog
    January 22, 2024 at 2:16 pm #

    Good advice, the next step would be to use some of the free tools (some provided by Google themselves) to find out what are the most popular, best paying keywords at the time and then see if any of them (and terms related to them) can reasonably fit into your next blog post.

    Obviously if something doesn’t fit you shouln’t use it but if it does, then you’ve a chance at triggering ads that visitors will be more likely to click on.

    Adsense blog’s last blog post..The Power of Limits

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