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A Morning Reminder, A Gift From The Secret Scrolls.

The Secret team has created a visualization tool, “The Secret to You”, which you can download for free and play every day. “The Secret to You” has been especially created to harness all the power of The Secret to transform your life into happiness, prosperity, health, love and joy. To experience maximum power from the [...]

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Tolerance is the Answer, Tolerance.

by Travis Wright So, we have a global problem here on Earth. Too many people with too many belief systems. Is this the problem? I would venture to say no. The problem is most people aren’t tolerant of other peoples beliefs. The world’s lack of tolerance for one another continues to cause mass havoc. This [...]

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Let’s Keep it All in Perspective

In a continuation from my earlier post on how fast we are moving on earth. It doesn’t consider the fact that our solar system is moving at a fast rate as well. Consider that we are all protons, electrons, and neutrons moving at incredible rates. They are infinitely small. Now, compare how small Earth is [...]

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Tune into the Vibration that you Choose.

by Travis Wright Ok, this is a trip. I was listening to a Bob Proctor audio series that I found, and he left a great tidbit of knowledge. Bob said something along the lines of whenever we are ‘feeling’ bad, we are tuned into a negative vibration. Whenever we are feeling good or extraordinary, we [...]

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