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Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Secret of Happiness

Is there a secret to happiness? You probably are expecting me to say “NO, there is no secret.” While it is true that there are many factors that affect our happiness, I believe there is one secret that determines whether those factors will work for you, and that is the secret to happiness. But first, [...]

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The Danger of Short-cuts in Writing Business Plans

They are available all over. Tools to help write a business plans can be found in books, software programs, and on-line sites. While many of them have some good features to them, for many entrepreneurs these aids become a short-cut. I can usually spot a plan that has been written using one of the latest [...]

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Goal Setting Methods - Goal Setting Methods

The art of goal-setting is correctly said to be the key to life-long success. At the same time, it is admitted that those who set goals often fail to follow through. Yes, they may be more likely to succeed than those who set no goals whatsoever. However, how can you learn to set goals and [...]

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All You Need To Know About Adsense To Blast Your Income Sky-high!

From my personal experience and from speaking with many other publishers, it seems that many of them cannot even garner enough earnings to trigger off a payment from Google (USD $100). This is really sad because many give up before even reaching the halfway mark. Imagine adding up all the quitters, the amount of advertising [...]

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