Develop Leadership Skills

August 29, 2023


Leaders are developed not born. Anyone can develop into a leader. It requires the desire and will-power to become a Leader. The Leaders develop themselves through an un-ending process of self-study, self-improvement, education, training, and experience. I will attempt to guide you through that process.

Let’s first examine the definition and concept of Leadership. Leadership as a process deals with influencing others to achieve, attain or accomplish the objectives. In the process, available resources are deployed or used or utilized, to the extent needed or required, in order to attain the set objectives or the closest possible thereto. A good Leader achieves through a communication process to seek sense of achievement amongst the team that is on task and the organization as a whole. Read more

The Myth of Thinking Big

August 29, 2023

“I’m going to open my own business and make a million dollars.”
“I’m going to lose 100 pounds of fat.”
“I’m going to become a famous movie star!”

Everyday, we hear these grandiose claims made by our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. They tell us at every opportunity and we nod politely as we listen to them ramble on and on. Time goes by. Read more

The Key to Real Estate Success: Marketing!

August 28, 2023

How did you get into real estate investing? Did you read a book on it? Was it a seminar? A meeting of some sort with speakers selling courses? Did you get really, really jazzed and pumped up by these simple (”not easy”) concepts that were delivered to you in parable form from the stage by a charismatic speaker? Did you find yourself levitating to the back of the room, powerless but to slap down your plastic to buy the kits that were being sold there? Like…

“Yes Mr. Ker, we do take traveler’s checks. Yes, cash is okay, too. HEY BARNEY, DO YOU HAVE CHANGE FOR A HUNDRED? There’s your kit Mr. Ker. Good Luck!”

I have to admit that’s where I began. I attended a “conference” and dropped over a grand in two days. What I ended up with was Read more

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Making Money Investing in Real Estate

August 28, 2023

real estate

You always hear about people who made their fortunes investing in the stock market, and you also hear about other investors who lost their shirts playing the same game. But you hardly ever hear about real-estate investors who go bankrupt, and that’s because it doesn’t happen often.

That’s right, those individuals who invested wisely in real estate many years ago are living a very comfortable lifestyle. Investing in real estate wisely can garner lots of money, so if you’re just getting started, or have considered investing in real estate, the information that follows is invaluable. Read more

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