by Travis Wrightvibration

Ok, this is a trip. I was listening to a Bob Proctor audio series that I found, and he left a great tidbit of knowledge. Bob said something along the lines of whenever we are ‘feeling’ bad, we are tuned into a negative vibration. Whenever we are feeling good or extraordinary, we are tuned into a positive vibration.

So all we have to do is to change our emotional frequency and focus on something that brings to us a positive vibration.

The whole universe is vibrational. An amazing concept to wrap your mind around is that deep down, we are all just protons, neutrons and electrons… microscopic vibrations. Each cell of our body is composed of only energy.

Also, the earth rotates on its axis once each day. Since the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles, a spot on the equator rotates at approximately 1037.5646 miles per hour. So all the time, we are spinning at over 1,000 mph. But wait, we are also cruising around the sun at nearly 68,000 miles an hour. We are very, very small and we are going very, very fast.

“We are very, very small and we are going very, very fast.”

On top of the incredible speed we are going, we have all these invisible forces to deal with. Gravity, magnetic forces, radio waves, and all types of other vibrations flowing around us nonstop. If we don’t stop and tune into the right vibration, we can get lost in all the commotion.

Bob Proctor said that when you are feeling bad and sick, that you are in a negative vibration. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of that funk. When you are in this funk, it is extremely difficult to attract a positive vibration. In fact, it repels that vibration.

You ever play with a magnet and try to put the stubborn sides of the magnet together? No luck, flip it around though, and voile! I liken this to the same principle. Like attracts like.

When you are feeling ‘extraordinary’, you are sending out a certain type of vibrational frequency. You send it out, and more of the same will flow you way.

So, the moral of this blog post is… if you are feeling bad, change your emotional radio station to one with a positive vibe. Life moves too fast to be stuck in a bad vibrational frequency. Meditate. Slow down. And tune into a positive vibration and set your intentions in this space. The results will astound you!