By Josh Bickford

There is a certain way in which you can eliminate all of your internal self debate. I don’t care what you want, by using this method you’ll eliminate your internal debate every time. There will be no more thinking it over, compromise, doubt, coulda, shoulda or if I’d only’s. When you put this into practice the decision is made, and you no longer have to waste energy making up your mind.

What can you do in order for this to happen?

Give 100%

I’m not talking about working hard, or giving everything you have for something. I’m talking about making up your mind 100%. If you only decide 99% you’ve left room for debate, by writing the decision as made with 100% certainty you’ve eliminated your need to debate.

Take marriage for example. If you decide 100% that you will not stray from your spouse you do not need to think about it. No matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter what ‘opportunities’ you are presented with, you will remain faithful every time. The decision was made and it’s no longer up for debate.

However, if you’ve only decided 99% then you have problems. With each new temptation comes a new debate. With every chance you’re given to make a poor decision, you must decide that time whether or not to ask.

That 1% difference is huge.

Imagine if 99% of flights were safe. Imagine if 99% of the time surgeons do a good job. Imagine if 99% of the time you took your kids to the park they weren’t kidnapped.

The results of those scenarios are disasterous. If you want to protect your life, and your children’s lives you’d want to make sure that each of those above scenarios are perfect 100% of the time. Missing 1% may seem small, but if it was you that had a botched surgery, a crashed flight, or your kids were taken from you–that 1 % ruined your life.

If you’re losing weight, make it a 100% commitment. Turning down cake after dinner is easy if you’ve already made your mind up.

Want to make more money? Turning off the tv and working toward your goal is easy, no matter what’s on if you’ve determined that no matter what you’re going to do it.

Improving yourself? Check.

Being a better parent? Check.

Being a better spouse? Check.

Being a better person? Check.

Decide today what you want, and make your mind up 100% that you’re going to have that. By eliminating that self debate you’ve had in the past, you’ve freed up a ton of energy to focus in on what you actually want!

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