By Tim Ryan

Would you like to be able to create your own luck? Yeah of course you would. We have all experienced our own streaks of good and bad fortune. Luck is a funny thing though, it’s nature is so random, coming and going as it pleases, yet almost always deserting you when you desire it most and reappearing when you least expect it.

You have probably experienced this yourself at some point: a hot run at the bookies, favourable career decisions going your way and so on… yet almost as gauranteed as day follows night the luck seems to disappear. It usually occurs just as soon as you start to reflect on your recent good form and start to worry about how long it will continue to run for. This doubt and fear then robs you of the very thing that created your luck in the first place. In short it makes you fearful and indecisive.

When your run of luck started I’m sure you remember that it came down to making a definite decision of some sort: to apply for a job or back your business instinct but whatever it was it came down to making a positive decision. It should be of no surprise then that as soon as you started to reflect on your ‘good luck’ and started to worry about how long it would last this fear almost inevitabley leads you to be indecisive and indeed robs you of your luck in a quite ironic fashion.

So a few keys to remember when wanting to create yourself some luck:
Be decisive and proactive, don’t doubt and just accept the luck by not questioning it.

I find this approach nicely summed up by U.S Anderson (The Magic In Your Mind):

“Whatever you are afraid to do, do it and you will be startled that you are no longer afraid. Whatever you are unable to decide, decide it, and you will be amazed how correct your decisions has been.”

Furthermore whenever you experience bad luck or misfortune see it as challenge. Nature tends to challenge us when we are at our lowest ebb in order to provide us with an opportunity to grow. Be unafriad of the challenge, take it on, make the decisions that need to be made and the tide of good luck will soon start to turn in your favour. It must be noted here however that a decision has not been made until it has been acted upon and this is the one thing that lets so many people down… there own lack of action.

So when you have made and acted upon your decisions, be proud of them stick to them and never give up. When your luck and good fortune is strong don’t doubt or question it just go with it and your luck will continue to provide for you for just as long as you let it!

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