Don’t Dog on Yourself about the Dumb things You’ve Done.

Give yourself pep talks.

Take a moment in the morning of each day, to actually tell yourself how much you love yourself. Talk to yourself and remind yourself of your successes. Focus on the future, and live in the moment. Learn to get better each and every day.

The more that you focus on the negative and dumb stuff that you have done, the more that the guilt and the feelings of inadequacy pops into your existence.

Gratitude is the most powerful word in the English Dictionary.

Here is a podcast that I did back in 2005 for Community Boardcast. It was an interesting moment in my life where I had an epiphany pertaining to relationship and abandonment. I let it go, and with the magic of a song it creates a pretty interesting 15 minutes or so of audio.

podcast mp3 CG019.mp3 Abandonment Issues via HunaTrainer, Sept 2005


Travis Wright

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One Response to “Don’t Dog on Yourself about the Dumb things You’ve Done.”

  1. SimoneM
    September 28, 2023 at 10:02 am #

    Hi Travis,
    I once was a morning mumbler, reciting my clever clogs moments as I plumped pillows and burned toast until one day my husband said in a sleepy voice, “Hello, you special, successful, gorgeous woman.” While I sprang out of bed in shock (thinking I was in someone else’s dream) he told me, “You are always telling yourself how good you are. You never give me the change.” I started to explain positive affirmations to him, but stopped. This was too good an opportunity to miss. Now our morning ritual includes both of us telling the other how good they are!

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