What a Great Wife - Surprised me with Big 35th Birthday Party

My wife deserves a medal. For one…having to spend her life with me, what an effin challenge for this lady, right?

Well, she organized a surprise 35th birthday party for me on Saturday, May 17th. And it was totally unknown to me, a total shock. Plus, as an added surprise 22 friends and family showed up to wish me well.

I had NO idea, one of my friends picked me and my kid up, as he asked me to help him do some errands with him, so we end up on a huge ass goose chase, that takes us to Maryville, Missouri, 100 miles away and back again over to my home in the suburbs of Kansas City. Over 200 miles in his 2007 Ford F-150 to drop off this tempurpedic mattress and this cat “pagoda” wtf that is. We also pick up his fiance and her brother.

Anyways, the party was supposed to begin at 5:30… we don’t get back until 7pm. Actually a couple of my guests had to leave to go pick up their kids from the babysitter. Some of them got to the house around 4ish, so they were waiting upwards of 3 hours.

Anyway, my mom and dad were there, my in laws, bro, bro and sis inlaw, 3 friends from 4th grade, one from kindergarten, and like 8 from college on. What a trip.

Some other great news, today we went garage saleing today, and we ended up picking up this solid oak kick dining room table w 4 chairs that is super sturdy and kick ass… Originally, $1200+ got it for $175. Pure Garage Sale Ownageness.

I had no hint or idea this was transpiring. What a great wife I have… and just the other day, i was jokingly bitching because her birthday is April 27th, then Mothers Day, and tomorrow is our anniversary… this is like the Ms Wright - 3 week arsenal holiday bonanza.

She busts out a surprise bday party. Complete with a Jayhawk Birthday cake! My first cartoonish birthday cake since like age 11 or there abouts. Plus, my 6 year old son came with, and didn’t tip me off about the party either.

Life’s great joys are kids, friends and family. I’m so grateful to be loved. And now, if I died, I know that at least 22 people would come to it. And that is comforting to know. Hah.

Thanks everyone. I felt the love.


Travis Wright

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2 Responses to “What a Great Wife - Surprised me with Big 35th Birthday Party”

  1. May 19, 2023 at 9:22 am #

    Happy Birthday Travis!

    It’s been probably only about 7 months that I’ve been reading your blog and it has added much value to my life! You deserve all the greatness that comes your way.

    And I must agree with you, “Life’s great joys are kids, friends and family.” My first child is 5 months old now and has she ever added more joy to my life!

    Again, Happy 35th Birthday and even if only 22 people show up to your funeral; I can’t speak for all of your 2150 readers, but you and your family would be in my prayers!!!

    Expect A Great Year!

  2. June 8, 2023 at 8:00 pm #

    Gotta love the cake and the surprise birthday. If I had guests waiting that long, they’d get into a little fit. Your wife did a good job pulling the whole thing off.

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