Achieve More in Your Life with Feng Shui

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By Kathryn Weber

Life is good. Wouldn’t you like to say that? Many people are looking for a way to improve their lives. Feng shui is one of the easiest, quickest and fun ways to make a change in your life. Better than a 30-day rice and water diet or jogging three miles a day, using feng shui doesn’t require you to make a shift in your diet, your thinking or somehow alter your moment to moment existence. By simply making some small changes in your home or office, you can influence your
life on a number of levels.

It’s important to know that feng shui is energy that exists…like gravity, air waves, or air. It’s not “made” and it’s not a spiritual philosophy. It’s tapping into what already exists in the earth. Feng shui is founded on the belief that, like water that runs in underground rivers, there are also lines of energy that run in the earth and our atmosphere. Harmonizing your home with that energy helps you benefit from that energy that translates into more money, better health, happy children… a good life. When your energy runs against the energy of the earth, you are saddled with bills, your health is rundown, you’re stressed, life is a hard, uphill battle and every day is dreaded. In short, you might describe your life as being “hard,” “in a rut,” or just plain stuck. It’s a terrible position to be in. Feng shui can help you out of that rut.

Feng shui and the practice of harmonizing your home will help you to improve good energy and help you to hold down – or muzzle – negative energy. The practice of feng shui isn’t magic. It’s not a religion and it’s not meant to replace any spiritual beliefs. It’s there to help you tap good energy and control negative energy. Why control negative energy?

We understand that one of the principal laws of the universe is that there is positive and negative energy. This is a basic scientific law that the Chinese have understood for thousands of years and describe as “yin and yang” energy. So, the first rule of feng shui is always to handle to negative energy first – and then maximize the positive energy. This energy, whether it’s positive or negative, is called “chi” or Qi.

Good chi can improve your life luck The kind of chi you have in your home has a direct impact on everything in your life. As you practice feng shui and work with it and begin to understand it more and more, you will begin to see with “feng shui eyes” and feel the energy of a home and you will begin to intuitively know
when something doesn’t feel right. The power of chi has the potential to help us or harm us. When we succeed in tapping good energy we are improving our luck – something people believe you either have or don’t. The good energy of the earth, when harmonized and enhanced, will bestow luck, good fortune, positive
energy and feelings to your home – and to you and your family.

In feng shui, there are several key areas to concentrate your energies, regardless of which school you follow. One is the front entrance. This is extremely important because it is considered the “mouth” of the building and it is the primary place where chi enters. This area should be clean, well-lit, prominent, and attractive in order to derive the greatest benefit.

Other critical areas are the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. For instance, the living room can be considered a small “house.” In other words, you can activate the entire house in the living room alone by the placement of particular objects and symbols. Bathrooms also play a crucial role in feng shui and their placement can often dictate the wealth, degree of marital happiness, or health of the occupants of a house. Bathrooms are very difficult to place correctly in a house, and for that reason, should always be treated with feng shui remedies.

Bedrooms also play an important role because these are the rooms where you rejuvenate yourself after a long day. Certain rules should be adhered to when it comes to the bedroom. For instance, beds should be placed against a solid wall versus a window. Beds should also not share a wall with a toilet or be placed over an empty room, such as a garage or patio area. They should also be gender-neutral and not have plants or water in them. Mirrors in the bedroom create unrest, difficulties in marriages, and plants and water in the bedroom are simply not good for the occupants’ health.

The most popular place just might be your house Be aware that there are pitfalls to feng shui. In learning and incorporating feng shui into your space, you will begin to draw more and more people to your home or office. That’s because your space will unconsciously resonate with everyone who visits. That resonance is based on the proper alignment and harmonious effect you have created that is both appealing and magnetizing. This effect will create a feeling in your houseguests that they won’t want to leave, make your parties suddenly become more successful, and provide you and your family or employees an overall higher quality of life that will make you feel more contented in your surroundings than you had ever dreamed possible.

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One Response to “Achieve More in Your Life with Feng Shui”

  1. August 28, 2023 at 9:27 am #

    While I agree with most of this article, I disagree with the phrasing that negative and positive energy are considered yin or yang, as it’s misleading and confusing.

    Yin and yang is the active and passive duality that is contained in all things. The aim is to achieve balance and harmony between the two opposite but complimentary forces. For example, yin is: feminine, winter, dark, interior and yang is: masculine, summer and light.

    Negative energy is stagnant energy; it is clutter and toxins in the air. Negative chi in a home can result from physical or emotional illness, earth disturbances or simply a dirty and neglected home.

    Norma Lehmeier Hartie
    Author of Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet

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