Wow. All that I can say about educator, psychotherapist, and author Flip Flippen, is that he is truly cultivating greatness. I had the honor of interviewing this brilliant man yesterday. This podcast is full of wisdom!

leadership training

podcast Leadership Podcast #013 - Interview with Flip Flippen

leadership training
Flip Flippen is the head of The Flippen Group He has worked with businesses and individuals all over the world, including baseball legend Nolan Ryan, Terry Bradshaw’s NASCAR racing team, and some of the largest school districts in the country. In thirty years of coaching couples, families, corporations, and individuals, Flip has learned invaluable skills that can help people in all aspects of their lives. Their company philosophy is “We Grow People”.

This man has an amazing amount of great advice and sage principles to help you overcome some of your shortcomings and personal constraints.

Not only top-level executives, but anyone in your audience can benefit from Flippen’s advice. He explains that the first thing people need to understand are The Five Laws Of Personal Constraints™, which include:

••Everyone has personal constraints;
••People can’t rise above constraints they don’t or won’t address;
••Personal constraints play themselves out in every area of life;
••Personal constraints are role specific;
••Those with the fewest constraints, win.

Pick up his book as soon as you can. It’s amazing.

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