Give Thanks Every Day

by Napoleon Hill

Many successful men and women claim they are “self-made.” But the fact is that no one reaches the pinnacle without help. Once you have set your definite major goal for success—and taken your first steps to achieve it—you find yourself receiving help from many unexpected quarters. You must be prepared to give thanks for both the human and Divine help you receive.

Gratitude is a beautiful word. It is beautiful because it describes a state of mind that is deeply spiritual in nature. It enhances one’s personality with magnetic charm, and it is the master key that opens the door to the magic powers and the beauty of Infinite Intelligence. Gratitude, like other traits of the pleasing personality, is simply a matter of habit. But it’s also a state of mind. Unless you sincerely feel the gratitude you express, your words will be hollow and empty—and sound as phony as the sentiment you offer.

Gratitude and graciousness are closely akin. By consciously developing a sense of gratitude, your personality will become more courtly, dignified and gracious. Never let a day pass without a few minutes spent in giving thanks for your blessings. Remember that gratitude is a matter of comparison. Compare circumstances and events against what they might have been. You’ll become aware that no matter how bad things are, they could be much worse—and you’ll be grateful they aren’t.

Three phrases should be among the most common in your daily usage. They are “Thank you.” “I’m grateful . . .,” and “I appreciate . . . .”

Be thoughtful. Try to find new and unique ways to express your gratitude. Not necessarily in material gifts, however. Time and effort are more precious, and the amount of these you dispense in showing gratefulness will be well worthwhile.

And don’t forget to be thankful to those who are closest to you—your wife or husband, other relatives, and those you associate with daily, whom you might tend to neglect. You are probably more indebted to them than you realize.

Gratitude takes on new meaning—new life and power—when spoken aloud. Your family probably knows you are grateful for their faith and hope in you. But tell them so! Frequently! You’ll find a new spirit pervading the household.

Make your gratitude creative. Make it work for you. For example, have you ever thought of writing the boss a simple note telling him how much you like your job and how grateful you are for the opportunities it offers? The shock power of such creative gratitude will bring you to his attention—and could even bring you a raise. Gratitude is infectious. He might catch the bug and find concrete ways of expressing his gratefulness for the good services you are rendering.

Remember there’s always something to be grateful for. Even the prospect who turned down a salesman should be thanked for the time he spent listening. He’ll be more likely to buy next time.

Gratitude costs nothing. But it’s a big investment in the future.

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