Is your Mind Resisting the Law of Attraction?

October 31, 2023

by Larry Blenn

Many people who are first introduced to the law of attraction may find the idea to be quite uplifting at first. Then we settle back into our daily rituals and the newness of the idea falls to the way side. For many people our first instinct is to think of the law of attraction not unlike we think of any other spiritual concept. Maybe it’s true but is it provable we think. Is there evidence supporting the claims that we are in fact in control of our reality?

I’d like to point to an experiment done by Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum and his collaborators. Although this experiment does not directly correlate with the law of attraction it does however point to direct evidence of a singular consciousness which we all share. In the experiment two subjects are placed in a room together and allowed to interact with each other for a period of thirty to forty-five minutes. Each subject is then placed inside separate Faraday cages at a distance so that the subjects have no contact with each other. Each subject is connected to an EEG machine to measure brain patterns. At this point, one test subject is then presented with an external stimulus, normally something like a high speed flashing light. When one test subject is stimulated, the other test subject reveals similar brain patterns through the EEG machine.

Not only does one test subject transfer a stimulus from one to the other but this correlation happens at the same time. So in effect, the transfer is occurring faster than the speed of light in the transcendent state outside of space and time. This is known as a nonlocal transfer. It is considered nonlocal because it happens at the quantum level outside of space time.

Other tests involving photons of light have been conducted with similar results. When electrons are smashed together, two photons are sent in opposite directions (These photons are in essence twins). Using a polarization box on one side changes the polarity of one photon and the twin photon exhibits the exact polarity change the instant the first photon encounters the polarity box. Since the photons are moving away from each other at the speed of light something outside of space time (A nonlocal transfer) occurs, causing both photons to remain twins.

So how do these experiments tell us anything about human consciousness or the law of attraction? Well first, we identify that there is an effect called a nonlocal transfer. Since we are essentially light beings and we are made of the same matter as a photon we can then pose that this power is within all of us. The Faraday cage mind experiment points directly to this fact.

Furthermore, we can also point out that consciousness precedes all physical form and function because it happens outside of space time. Consciousness creates reality by collapsing any number of possibilities from a wave form into matter. When a person meditates or concentrates on something, they are sending out the energy signals to bring that thing into existence. But there is a double edged sword to this proposition because we also create reality unconsciously as well. It is a function of our nature. This is why many people say “Yeah I tried that law of attraction stuff but it didn‚Äôt work for me” when in reality it did exactly what they asked it to do ( or should I say, expected it to do). The mix-up occurs because of this “buffer of time” which we have to contend with. It may take the Universe days, weeks or years to manifest something you desire and only if you desire it badly enough. So when you are focused on a goal you can manifest it into reality but only after it has reached a critical mass point within you. Then and only then will it show up in the physical world.

In short, if your mind is resisting these concepts you can still change your mental outlook and start creating things you desire in your life but it takes commitment. When you meditate daily and build a foundation for your desires they will surely manifest for you. Although it may seem hard, it really is only a quantum leap away.
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One Response to “Is your Mind Resisting the Law of Attraction?”

  1. PaulaQ on May 9th, 2008 9:20 pm

    Wow, I really enjoyed this post. Very well stated in terms of a desire reaching critical mass within you. That is one of the keys to manifesting and one of the keys that manyh miss. Thanks foe being so articulate on this!

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