The Importance of Having Good Credit

October 30, 2023

credit repairby Andy Oshiro

Having a good credit history is very important in maintaining a healthy and happy life. What most people dont realize is that employers, landlords and even insurance companies checks credit scores to make that final decision in whether or not they should give you that job or contract. Credit report and their scores helps companies determine whether you pay your payments on time or even if you have been sued or filed for bankruptcies. This way, they can use these information as a future indicator of your “credit worthiness”, as it can reveal info about your past and present payment patterns.

Especially for me, everything that i want to do involves me having good credit. I can list the top 3 goals that i want to acheive in the next 5 years and how they relate to having good credit.

1.) After graduation, I will want to go apply for a job and they will most likely check my credit score to make some indication of how “responsible” i am. Most companies today have credit checks and having good credit might be that extra push that they need to make that decision on whether or not to hire me. Read more

Cultivate Greatness Blog Success & Growth Carnival #5, Oct 29th 2006

October 29, 2023

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here we are with the 5th edition of the Success Blog Carnival at Cultivate Greatness. I would like to thank each and everyone who submitted articles, we are consistently growing and sharing valuable information. Without further adeiu, welcome to the October 30, 2023 edition of The Success & Growth Blogcarnival |.

Jane Chin presents Improv and Three Secrets to Success posted at Jane Chin PhD.

David Stoddard presents Search And Ye Shall Find - Something posted at Simply Unmotivated Success, saying, “What are you looking for? It may just be right in front of you.”

Brandon Peele presents Leadership Revisited posted at GT.

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Business Plan Outlines - The Very Basics

October 28, 2023

by Joshua Feinberg

Business plan outlines vary in their complexity. Depending on your situation you may just want to follow a very basic business plan outline. Regardless, the process of sitting down, creating a business plan outline, and writing a business plan is one of the most valuable exercises you will do.

Basic Business Plan Outline

List your business credentials - why are you qualified to start this business and sell your products and services?

List your staff: Is it going to be just yourself, or do you have a definite plan in terms of when you are going to hire sales, technical, or administrative staff?
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CG Podcast #004 - Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Podcast Series #03/16 - Self Confidence

October 28, 2023

by Travis Wright

Lesson Three in the Law of Success Podcast Series. Before Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote a series of sixteen lessons, called The Law of Success, which were designed to teach fifteen principles of successful living to students, starting at the high school level. I am going through each lesson and creating a podcast about each lesson in Hill’s Law of Success. This is episode 3 of our 16 part series. [click here to add to iTunes]

podcast Podcast #004 Napoleon Hill Law of Success - Lesson 3 Self-Confidence

Lesson 3 - Self Confidence (77 pages)

- The deadly enemy of your progress…which I guarantee that you are feeling right now.
- Your six basic fears…and how you can extinguish them from your life for good.
- The two Laws of your heredity…and how they affect your confidence.
- Why you have no grounds whatsoever for fearing poverty.
- How your life will be plagued by uncertainty if you let these two things ‘die’.
- Why the worst thing you can do for your children is give them an ‘easy’ life.
- The amazing five-point confidence formula that will guarantee you unbreakable self-confidence.
- The hidden force inside you that, once unleashed, will give you unlimited belief in your abilities.
- The law of mental telepathy…and how you can use it to your advantage.
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