What Should You Do When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong?

by Travis Wright on January 6, 2024

By James Delrojo

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything seems to be going wrong for you? You probably have. In fact you may even be going through such a time now. Don’t worry. All is not lost. There are steps you can take to push through the gloom into sunshine.

At an earlier time in my life I was a very successful amateur sportsman. I experienced times during competition and during training where I couldn’t put a foot wrong. Everything flowed so easily that winning was the only possible outcome.

Then there were other time where I would be in pain and would be so fatigued that all I wanted to do was give up.

One thing that I understood well was that I had to push through those hard times in order to experience the great times. So I came up with a little motto to help me do just that. The motto goes like this.

“Pain and fatigue are just a test,
to sort the champions from the rest!”

This motto is true in sport and it is true in life. Most people never become successful because they give up when the going gets tough. The champions on the other hand move up a gear and drive their way through those tough times and come out the other end as winners enjoying the spoils of their victory.

Are there some practical steps you can take that will help you through the gloom and out into the sunshine? Yes there are.

First of all, ask yourself if there is anything that you are doing, or failing to do, that is causing the hardship or perhaps unnecessarily increasing the hardship.

Examine your thoughts, habits, actions, decisions and choices to see if you can improve on any, or all, of them in such a way as to help your situation. If there is anything that you can do improve your situation then do it.

If you analyze your thoughts, habits, actions, decisions and choices and decide that you are on the right track then the difficulties that you are facing could be just a matter of chance.

All life is a matter of probability. What you are doing with success strategies and tactics is seeking to move the probabilities into your favor. Success strategies really do work and they really do increase your likelihood of enjoying a successful life, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong for you from time to time.

Most people, no matter how successful, will suffer hardships and setbacks from time to time in their life. If you are confident that you are on the right track then the best strategy is to increase the amount of goal directed action that you are taking.

A heavy load needs a strong back. So when your burdens start to feel heavy it is up to you to increase your own strength. Increase your strength of action. Increase your strength of will. Increase the strength and quality of your knowledge and delegation and determination.

It is that fighting spirit that will strengthen your character.

Edison, the great inventor, was famous for his persistence, regardless of the setbacks. He once said that most people who give up have no idea just how close they were to success.

If you intelligently apply massive, goal directed action, assess the result, decide on the next action needed, and then massively apply that action you will win. You will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But by far the greatest win you will have is the strength of character that you develop while lesser persons are giving up.

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ed 10.14.08 at 1:34 pm

thanks for the enlightening article, this is actually my first time to write about my predicament which all started with my company shutting down over a year ago and since then i have not yet found a job. it was a very nice job and my life was pretty much ok, nice house, car, investments & savings, etc…basically i had it going well and i was even in a position to help my family and friends. through the year i have seen this change and am currently living from hand to mouth having had to move from the nice house, forfeit the car, have no savings and down to doing contractual jobs to earn a living, i have applied to hundreds of openings some of which i could have sworn were tailor made for me, but to no avail so far and i honestly can’t tell why. i am happy to note what your article says as this is what i have always believed in, the circumstances have been a bit awkward as i seem to be doing things right but the break is still elusive. i have analyzed carefully my approach to the situation to try and see where i could be going wrong and also asked for advise and it appears i am on the right track so it’s true sometimes the chances just don’t seem to be coming my way. all in all despite the hard times i have not lost hope and i’d like to let those going through a similar situation that all is not lost. once in a while you may be down but never for longer than is necessary. i refuse to give up and look forward to the day i shall be looking at all this in a past tense. for me it’s a lesson and i have learn t a lot from it and this shall remain with me for a long time to come. i have also realized what sort of friends i have and what i really meant to them. there’s a lesson in everything and the secret is to keep your head up. i am also grateful that i am still sane, healthy and productive. with all the free time i have, i read a lot, listen to music and think. i miss my old life but i know soon my life shall be even better than it was before. it’s not always a total loss so guys never give up and keep your hopes alive. i have also learnt that people do offer a lot of useless advise, maybe they are not in my shoes for them to know where the pinch is but their advise still remains irrelevant, don’t listen blindly to whatever you are told, be practical, analyze your situation and live the rest to God and be patient, you can only do that much, at times you need a lucky break but always believe. waiting to give you my good story soon and thanks to my mom who has been there for me through it all.

Spencer 10.22.08 at 11:19 am

Brilliant! It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that all the world is colluding to make your day miserable, but more often than not it’s chance. This short article has helped me park my ego and get on with my day. Thanks for the concept of applying “massive action”. It makes me feel l ike the steps I’m taking toward my successful future are truly an unstoppable force. I can do it!

Thank you thank you thank you

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