We’ve我們已經 shown you顯示您 how to take online classes for free, but not everyone has the patience or time to spend sitting at a computer.如何採取網上班免費,但不是每個人都有耐心或時間來花坐在電腦前。 These courses let you take your classroom with you, so you can get an education while you’re sitting in traffic or just hanging out in the park.這些課程可以讓您與您的課堂,因此您就可以得到教育的同時,您坐在在交通或只是掛出在該公園內。 Check out these courses from some of the best colleges and universities out there to get a high quality education on the go.看看這些課程由一些最好的高校有獲得高品質的教育對路要走。


Stanford offers free podcast downloads via iTunes.斯坦福大學提供免費下載的播客通過iTunes 。 You’ll be able to study physics, computer design, and much more.您可以在學習物理,計算機設計,以及更多。

Quantum Mechanics量子力學 : Learn about classical mechanics, theories of relativity, and more in this physics course. :了解經典力學的理論,相對論,更在這物理課程。

Human-Computer Interaction人機交互 : This course features a variety of speakers on interaction design. :本課程的特點不同的發言者的互動設計。

Geography of World Cultures世界地理文化 : This podcast takes a look at geography and considers the way it impacts world cultures. :本播客需看地理,並認為這樣影響世界的文化。

Hannibal漢尼拔 : In this course, you’ll study the life and archaeological trail of Hannibal. :在這一過程中,您將研究的生命和考古的踪跡漢尼拔。

Modern Theoretical Physics現代理論物理 : Learn about quantum entanglement and other theories of physics in this course. :了解量子糾纏和其他理論物理在這一過程中。

Ben Franklin and the World of Enlightenment本富蘭克林和世界的啟示 : You’ll get to learn about Benjamin Franklin’s life and achievements, as well as how he affected and was affected by the Enlightenment. :您可以學習到本傑明富蘭克林的生命和取得的成就,以及他如何的影響和受啟示。

Straight Talk About Stem Cells直談論幹細胞 : This course discusses the fundamentals of stem cell biology as well as its surrounding controversy. :這當然是討論的基本幹細胞生物學以及其周邊的爭議。

The Geography of World Cultures地理的世界文化 : Here you’ll be able to explore locational dynamics and the way they affect languages, groupings, and religions. :在這裡您可以探索的地點的動態和方式影響他們的語言,集團,和宗教。

The Future of the Internet未來的互聯網 : This course discusses the issues of network neutrality and ownership on the Internet. :這當然是討論的問題,網絡的中立性和所有權在互聯網上。

The Literature of Crisis文學的危機 : Learn the art of living and take a look at the circumstances of existence through discussions on writers and thinkers including Socrates and Shakespeare. :學習,生活的藝術,並看看情況的存在,通過討論,作家和思想家,包括蘇格拉底和莎士比亞。

Historical Jesus歷史的耶穌 : This course considers the historical evidence of Jesus against that of traditional Christianity. :這當然認為歷史的證據,對耶穌說,傳統的基督教。

Virgil’s Aeneid維吉爾的埃涅阿斯紀 : Here you’ll get an analysis of this work that is essential to the canon of Latin literature. :在這裡,您可以得到一個分析這方面的工作是必不可少的,以佳能的拉美文學。

Computer Systems Colloquium計算機系統學術討論會 : In this podcast, you’ll hear from guest lecturers that discuss topics like VoIP encryption, computer architecture, and balancing methods. :在這個播客,您將聽到由客座講師認為,討論的議題如VoIP加密技術,計算機體系結構,以及平衡的方法。

UC Berkeley加州大學伯克利分校

These courses from UC Berkeley are freshly completed from the Fall 2007 semester, and they should be available in full.這些課程由加州大學伯克利分校是新鮮完成,從2007年秋季學期,他們應可在爆滿。 Highlights include environmental studies and issues in new media.重點包括環境研究和問題,在新媒體。

Foundations of American Cyber-Culture美國的基礎網絡文化 : This course takes a look at computers, new media, and the world wide web. :這當然需要看看電腦,新媒體,和萬維網。

General Biology普通生物學 : In this biology course, you’ll cover cells, genetics, animal development, form, and function. :在此生物學過程中,您將涵蓋細胞,遺傳學,動物的發展,形式,和功能。

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs結構和解釋的計算機程序 : This course offers an introduction to programming and computer science. :這個課程提供了一個介紹編程與電腦科學。

Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals結構和解釋系統和信號 : Get a look at mathematical modeling of signals and systems in this engineering course. :得到一看數學建模信號與系統在這一工程的過程中。

Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society十字路口的地球資源和社會 : Check out this course to learn about the way geological processes intersect with American culture. :請參閱此過程中要了解的方式相交,地質過程與美國文化。

Issues in Foreign Policy After 9/11問題在外交政策上後, 9 / 11 : This course discusses international issues and events with relation to 9/11. :這當然是討論國際問題和事件,涉及9 / 11 。

Metal Cutting金屬切削 : Here you’ll learn about processes, procedures, and theories of metal cutting. :在這裡,您可以了解過程,程序,理論和金屬切削。

Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice青少年犯罪和少年司法 : Listen to this podcast to hear about juvenile courts, theories of delinquency, and the justice system. :收聽此播客聽到少年法庭,理論的拖欠,和司法系統。

Human Emotion人類的情感 : Consider emotion with evolutionary grounding as well as a social constructionist approach. :考慮情感與進化接地,以及作為一個社會建構的做法。

Time, Money, and Love in the Age of Technology的時間,金錢和愛情的年齡技術 : In this course, you’ll take a look at the meaning of life, visionary business, and going beyond being human. :在這一過程中,您會考慮一下生命的意義,有遠見的企業,走出去被人類。

Earthquakes in Your Backyard地震在您的後院 : Learn about seismology, tectonics, and natural disasters throughout history. :了解地震,地質構造,和自然災害的整個歷史。

The Ancient Mediterranean World古代地中海世界 : This course discusses the history of ancient Mediterranean empires. :這當然是討論的歷史,古老的地中海帝國。

Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business搜索引擎:技術,社會和商業 : Consider search psychology, economics, spam, and other topics relating to Internet search engines with this course. :考慮搜索心理學,經濟學,垃圾郵件,和其他議題有關的因特網搜索引擎與本課程。

Introduction to Human Nutrition介紹人類營養 : In this course, you’ll get an overview of digestion and metabolism. :在這一過程中,您將會獲得一個概述消化代謝。


MIT’s courses feature either audio or video, sometimes both, and are available as podcasts by麻省理工學院的課程功能,無論是音頻或視頻,有時兩個,且可作為播客由 department feeds部供稿 .

Aircraft Systems Engineering飛機系統工程 : This course offers a view of the aircraft as a whole system, with an experienced astronaut as well as a shuttle project manager as professors. :這個課程提供了一個檢視的飛機作為一個整體的系統,與一位經驗豐富的宇航員,以及作為一個穿梭項目經理作為教授。

Introduction to Biology介紹生物學 : In these video lectures, you’ll cover core biology material. :在這些視頻講座,您將涵蓋生物學的核心材料。

Introduction to Psychology介紹心理學 : Introduction to Psychology is presented as a series of audio lectures, with accompanying lecture notes. :介紹心理學是作為一系列的音頻講座,與陪同講義。

Neuroscience and Behavior神經科學與行為 : These audio lectures discuss neuronal integration, anatomy, and physiology. :這些音頻講座,討論神經元的整合,解剖學,生理學。

Brain Structure and its Origins腦的結構和它的起源 : You’ll learn about CNS structures in this series of audio lectures. :您將了解中樞神經系統結構,在這一系列的音頻講座。

Animal Behavior動物行為 : Learn about adaptive behavior from animals with this audio lecture course. :了解自適應行為,從動物與此音頻講座課程。

Principles of Chemical Science化工原理科學 : In this introductory chemical course, presented in video, you’ll take a look at basic principles. :在這方面的介紹化學課程,介紹了在視頻,您會考慮一下的基本原則。

Principles of Chemical Science化工原理科學 : These video lectures build upon the previous chemistry course, further emphasizing basic principles. :這些視頻講座建立後,以前的化學課程,進一步強調的基本原則。

Media, Education, and the Marketplace媒體,教育,和市場 : This set of video lectures discusses using interactive media to enhance education. :這套視頻講座,討論了利用互動媒體,以加強教育。

Circuits and Electronics集成電路和電子 : Get an introduction to electrical engineering with this video course. :得到一介紹電氣工程與這部影片的過程中。

Introduction to Algorithms介紹算法 : Learn about techniques in design and analysis of algorithms with these video lectures. :了解技術的設計與分析算法與這些視頻講座。

Principles of Digital Communication的原則,數字通信 : In this course, you’ll focus on coding techniques for the Shannon limit of AWGN channels. :在這一過程中,您將重點放在編碼技術,為香農極限awgn渠道。

Introduction to Copyright Law介紹著作權法 : This course offers both an introduction to copyright law and general American law. :本課程提供雙方介紹了著作權法和一般的美國法律。

Engineering Ethics工程倫理 : Learn all about the ethics and philosophy of engineering through the cases in this audio course. :了解所有有關倫理和哲學工程通過案件在這過程中的音頻。


Duke offers a wide variety of podcast courses, from Italian to discussions on Nintendo.杜克大學提供了各式各樣的播客課程,從意大利的討論任天堂。

Nintendo: A History of Innovation任天堂:一個創新的歷史 : This course discusses Nintendo and some of its more innovative creations. :這當然討論了任天堂和它的一些更創新的創作。

Documentary Research Methods紀錄片研究方法 : Consider the relationship between Duke and Durham with student research and community fieldwork from this course. :考慮之間的關係,杜克大學和達勒姆與學生的研究和社區的田野從這個過程中。

Gli Immigrati其中Gli immigrati : In this course, you’ll take a look at the situation of immigration both in Italy and the US. :在這一過程中,您會考慮一下的情況,入境事務處均在意大利和美國。

Gli Sport其中Gli體育 : Gli Sport considers popular sports in Italy and America. :為Gli康認為,大眾體育在意大利和美國。

Italiano 2.02: Una Guida義大利語2月2日:聯合國協會指南 : This course highlights some of the important things in US and Italian culture, like museums. :這當然是突出的一些重要的東西,在美國和意大利的文化,像博物館。

Italiano 2.02: L’Italia義大利語2.02 : l'意大利 : Take a look at Italian culture, including food, agriculture, and monuments. :考慮一下意大利的文化,包括糧食,農業和紀念碑。

Italiano 1: Progetto Museo義大利語1 : progetto博物館 : Learn about the operas of Museo Nasher in this course. :了解歌劇的博物館納希爾在這一過程中。

Game2Know Focus IDC game2know IDC的重點 : This course considers topics in online gaming and beyond. :這當然認為課題,線上遊戲及以後。

How They Got Game他們如何得到遊戲 : How They Got Game discusses RPG, Atari, WoW, and different genres of gaming. :他們如何得到遊戲討論RPG遊戲, Atari公司,哇,和不同類型的遊戲。

Young Latino Immigrants & School年輕的拉美裔移民及學校 : This course will put you face to face with children of migrant farm workers in North Carolina and discuss their educational aspirations. :這當然會將你面對的兒童外來農民工在北卡羅萊納州和討論他們的教育的願望。

Italiano 1: Conversazioni義大利語1 : conversazioni : This conversational Italian course covers descriptions, sports, film, and pasta. :此會話意大利語課程涵蓋說明,體育,電影,和麵食。

Principles of Effective eCommerce的原則,有效的電子商務 : In Principles of Effective eCommerce, you’ll take a look at important figures of the Internet, such as Tim O’Reilly and Jakob Nielsen. :在有效的原則,電子商務,您會考慮一下重要人物的互聯網,如蒂姆奧賴利和Jakob尼爾森。

Nursing Informatics護理資訊 : This course delivers graduate level content in systems and management. :本課程提供研究生水平的內容在系統和管理。

Business Ethics商業道德 : In this course, you’ll learn about business ethics, specifically the difference between stakeholders and stockholders. :在這一過程中,您將了解商業道德,特別是之間的差額利益相關者和股東。


Much of the media available from Harvard is presented as許多媒體可從哈佛是作為 one full podcast一,充分播客 , but we’ve hand picked a few of their courses and recurring series that you should look for. ,但是我們已經手工採摘,數他們的課程和反复出現的一系列你應該看看。

The City of Sardis: Approaches in Graphic Recording市薩迪斯:辦法在圖形記錄 : Learn about the preservation and recreation of the ancient City of Sardis in this very detailed series. :了解保存和康樂的古城薩迪斯在這方面非常詳細的系列。

Human Systems Explorer人力資源管理系統 : Available as video, this course looks at an interactive teaching tool that’s used to teach pathophysiology. :可作為視頻,這當然期待在一個互動的教學工具的使用,教導病理生理學。

String Theory, Black Holes, and the Laws of Nature弦理論,黑洞和法律性質 : These videos cover a beginning understanding of the basic laws of the universe. :這些影片包括一個開端,了解基本的法律宇宙。

Women and War in the Twentieth Century婦女與戰爭在二十世紀 : Consider the history of gender and war to get a better understanding of war itself with this series and tour of historical collections. :考慮到歷史的性別和戰爭,去更好地了解戰爭本身與這一系列和旅遊的歷史收藏品。

Justice司法 : This very popular course offers an introduction to moral and political philosophy, discussing great philosophers as well as debates on contemporary issues. :這很受歡迎,當然提供了一個介紹的道德和政治哲學,討論偉大的哲學家,以及辯論,對當代的問題。

50 Years in Media: Changes in Journalism 50年來在媒體:變化在新聞 : You’ll hear from eight panelists from the Harvard Class of 1955 as they discuss the changes journalism has experienced in the past 50 years. :您將聽到來自八個小組成員由哈佛類1955年,因為他們討論的變化,新聞工作經歷,在過去50年。

In the War Zone: How Does Gender Matter?在戰爭中區:請問性別問題呢? : Here, you’ll get access to discussions from a Harvard conference that considers gender and war. :在這裡,您將獲得討論,從哈佛招待會上說,認為性別和戰爭。

Interntional Relations: New Approaches in a Complex World interntional關係:新的辦法在一個複雜的世界 : Take a look at important issues in international politics with this series. :考慮一下重要的問題在國際政治與這一系列。

Queen’s University皇后大學

This Canadian university offers a few iTunesU courses in engineering and social issues.這個加拿大大學提供了數itunesu課程,在工程和社會問題。

ELEC 377電子377 : This core course for Computer Engineering covers basic concepts of operating systems. :這門核心課程為計算機工程涵蓋的基本概念的作業系統。

SOFT 423軟423 : You’ll learn about advanced requirements in software engineering with this podcast. :你將學到先進的要求,在軟件工程與此播客。

Ethnicity & Democratic Governance種族與民主治理 : This series discusses, globalization, democracies, social construction, and much more. :這一系列論述,全球化,民主政體,社會建設,以及更多。


UCLA has BruinCasts for a number of courses online.加州大學洛杉磯分校已bruincasts了一些課程上網。 Many of them are restricted for student use only, but we’ve listed the ones that are publicly open for the current academic year here.他們中的許多限制供學生使用的唯一,但我們所列出的那些是公開開放供本學年在這裡。

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science大氣和海洋科學 : Take a look at atmospheric circulation and its relation to the oceans in this podcast. :考慮一下大氣環流及其與海洋在這播客。

Spectacle Entertainments of Ancient Rome壯觀的娛樂古羅馬 : Look back at some of the ways Romans entertained themselves with this course. :回頭看的一些方法羅馬受理自己與這個課程。

Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Architecture, and Law基因工程在醫藥,建築及法律 : In this course, you’ll learn about the way genetic engineering touches many facets of daily life. :在這一過程中,你將學到的方法,基因工程,涉及許多層面的日常生活。

Genetics遺傳學 : This genetics course takes a look at a number of topics, from Mendelian genetics to gene structure and function. :本遺傳學當然需要看看一些主題,從孟德爾遺傳學基因的結構和功能。

Politics and Strategy政治和戰略 : Take a look at the use of strategy in politics with this podcast. :考慮一下使用的策略在政治上與這個播客。

Social Psychology社會心理學 : This course takes on psychology as it relates to social situations. :這當然需要對心理學,因為它關係到社會的情況。

Freshman Computer Science Seminar大一計算機科學研討會 : You’ll get an introduction to important topics and key ideas for computer science and engineering with this course. :您將會獲得一個介紹的重要課題和關鍵思路,計算機科學與工程系與本課程。

Money and Banking貨幣及銀行 : Take a look at the principles of money and banking in the US, processes, monetary policy, and more with this Money and Banking podcast. :考慮一下的原則,貨幣及銀行在美國,過程,貨幣政策和更多的這筆錢和銀行的播客。

Life: Concepts and Issues生活:概念與問題 : This course offers an introduction to important concepts in life science, such as the evolution theory. :這個課程提供了一個介紹重要的概念,在生命科學領域,如進化理論。

Electoral Politics: Public Opinion and Voting Behavior選舉政治:民意和投票行為 : You’ll learn about political attitudes and public opinion in this course. :你將學到的政治態度和公眾輿論在這一過程中。

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory行為神經科學實驗室 : Take a look at various topics in behavioral neuroscience with this course designed for Phsychobiology and Psychology students. :考慮一下各種專題,在神經科學與行為,這當然是專為phsychobiology和心理學的學生。

Art as Social Action藝術作為社會行動 : Learn how artists can spark social action in this world arts and cultures podcast. :學習如何藝術家可以引發社會行動在這個世界藝術和文化的播客。

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine美國加州大學舊金山醫學院

UCSF’s Office of Continuing Medical Education currently has podcasts available on the subjects of depression and obstetrics/gynecology. ucsf的辦公室繼續醫學教育,目前已播客可在科目的抑鬱症和產科/婦科。

Depression: Psychiatric Pitfalls & Treatment抑鬱症:精神病的陷阱與治療 : Consider the treatment of depression with this podcast course. :考慮治療抑鬱症的播客,這當然。

Depression: Anxiety Disorders and Exercise抑鬱症:焦慮症和運動 : This course taks a look at the link between exercise and anxiety disorders. :這當然taks看看之間的聯繫,運動和焦慮症。

Depression: Differentiating Unipolar from Bipolar and Treating Dementia抑鬱症:鑑別單極從雙極和治療老年癡呆症 : You’ll learn about assessment and treatment of a few different mental afflictions with this course. :您將了解評估和治療的幾個不同的心理疾病與本課程。

OBGYN: Women’s Medicine婦產科:婦女的醫藥 : This course will teach you to consider obstetrics and gynecology with a woman in mind. :本課程將教導您考慮婦產科與一名女子在銘記。

OBGYN: High Risk Pregnancies婦產科:高風險懷孕 : Take a look at some of the risk factors and treatments for troubling pregnancies in this course. :採取看看一些危險因素及治療困擾懷孕在這一過程中。

OBGYN: Issues in Women’s Health婦產科:問題的婦女的健康 : This course will ask you to consider health issues for women that every OB/GYN needs to know. :這當然會問你要考慮健康問題的婦女,每露天焚燒/ gyn需要知道。

University of Glasgow格拉斯哥大學

The University of Glasgow has a handful of courses in podcast form, offering downloads through RSS as well as individually through their site.該格拉斯哥大學有少數課程,在播客的形式,通過提供下載的RSS以及單獨通過他們的網站。

Kant康德 : Take a look at A Priori, transcendental logic, and more in this course. :考慮一下先驗,先驗邏輯,更在這一過程中。

2D Digitisation二維數碼化 : Learn about the importance and use of digitization in teaching and beyond through 2D Digitisation’s 20-part lecture collection. :了解的重要性和使用數字化教學及以後通過二維數碼化的20個部分,收集演講。

Document Encoding文件編碼 : In this course, you’ll learn about encoding standards, different types of text, and the examination of text. :在這一過程中,您將了解編碼標準,不同類型的文字,以及考試的文字。

Consciousness意識 : Listen to this course on consciousness, and you will get a look at the debate about consciousness in humans, animals, and machines. :收聽此過程中對意識,你將獲得一個看辯論意識在人類,動物和機器。

Heritage and Cultural Informatics遺產和文化信息 : This course explores information technology as a way to improve access to cultural and natural heritage. :本課程探討了信息技術作為一種改善獲得文化和自然遺產。


Yale offers a small sample of their courses online, with MP3 downloads for each session.耶魯大學提供了一個小的樣本,其課程在線, MP3下載,每屆會議。

Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics邊境和爭議在天體物理學 : This Yale podcast offers information on extra-solar planets, black holes, and dark energy. :這耶魯大學的播客提供的資料,對太陽系外行星,黑洞和暗能量。

Modern Poetry現代詩 : In Modern Poetry, you’ll learn about major poets, concerns, and the characteristic techniques of modern poetry. :在現代詩歌,你將學到的主要詩人,關注的問題,和技術特點,現代詩歌。

Death死亡 : Face the inevitable with this course that explores death. :面對不可避免的,這當然是探討死亡。

Fundamentals of Physics基本物理 : In this course, you’ll get a good introduction to the principles and methods of physics. :在這一過程中,您將獲得一個良好的導言的原則和方法,物理。

Introduction to Political Philosophy導言的政治哲學 : Examine important thinkers and writings of Western politics in this course. :檢查的重要思想家的著作和西方政治學在這一過程中。

Introduction to Psychology介紹心理學 : Introduction to Psychology answers questions about the mind and provides an overview of the study of thought and behavior. :介紹心理學回答有關介意,並提供一個概述了研究的思路和行為。

Introduction to the Old Testament介紹舊約 : This course discusses the Old Testament as it relates to religious life and Western Civilization. :這當然是討論舊約因為它涉及到宗教生活與西方文明。

More Courses更多課程

Learn even more from these podcast courses.學習,更從這些播客課程。

Politique政治 : Every week, you’ll hear analysis on a new political subject in this course. :每個星期,您將聽到的分析一個新的政治課題在這一過程中。

Oxford Medieval English Lectures牛津大學中世紀英語講座 : Study Medieval English with some of Oxford’s best in this podcast. :研究中世紀的英語與一些牛津大學的最佳在這播客。

Saviors救世 : You’ll learn about politics, economics, philosophy, and other news in this podcast. :你將學到政治學,經濟學,哲學,和其他新聞在這方面的播客。

Controversy爭議 : Hear opposing views on science, politics, and more here. :聽到反對的意見,科學,政治,更在這裡。

This list is by no means all-inclusive.這份名單絕不是包容一切。 Although we’ve specifically highlighted a few iTunesU courses, there are a雖然我們已經特別強調了幾個itunesu課程,有一 number of other schools其他一些學校 that share lectures there and through the Higher Education portal as well.這一份額有講座,並通過較高的教育門戶網站,以及。 Additionally, you can visit Princeton’s此外,您也可以訪問普林斯頓的 UChannel uchannel to access a huge collection of individual lectures and events from worldwide universities.獲得了巨大的收集個人的講座和活動,由世界各地的大學。

Compiled by Heather Johnson所編纂的希瑟約翰遜