The Three Things That You Must Do To Effectively Use The Law Of Attraction.三個東西,你必須這樣做,有效地用法律的吸引力。

by Stuart Amyes由斯圖爾特amyes
The other day I listened to the conversation Anthony Treas had with Bob Doyle from Anthony’s 12 Week Life Transformation Series, Bob was discussing his experience using the Law Of Attraction and his cameo appearance in the movie, The Secret.另一天,我聽到他們交談安東尼treas曾與鮑勃多伊爾從安東尼的12個星期的生命轉化系列,鮑勃是談論他的經驗,以法律的吸引力和他的鏡頭出現在影片中,有秘密。 Bob said, “…..The law of attraction explains how our experience is our experience.鮑勃說, " … …吸引定律解釋了如何根據我們的經驗,是我們的經驗。 […] [ … … ]

10 Creative Ways to Manifest Your Dreams 10個有創意的辦法,以體現你的夢想

by Anisa Aven由anisa aven
Enhance your power to manifest the life of your dreams using these ten creative methods:增強你的權力,以體現人生的夢想,你用這十大創意方法:
1) Keep the end in mind. 1 )保持完記。 Ask yourself, what specific quality of life will the object of my desire bring to me?問問自己,有什麼具體的生活質量將對象我的願望,使我嗎? Why do I want this?為什麼我想這樣嗎? Will it bring more Love, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Wisdom or Prosperity?是否會帶來更多的愛心,和諧,歡樂,和平,智慧或繁榮嗎? Once […]一旦[ … … ]

by Travis Wright由查維斯賴特
The mainstream is finally catching on to the personal development movement.主流是最後追趕到個人發展的運動。 With Oprah having 3 shows in the past two weeks about the movie, The Secret, more and more people are finding out that life is our playground.與奧普拉擁有3顯示,在過去兩個星期裡約電影,是秘密,越來越多的人正在尋找出生命的是我們的遊樂場。 We control our state.我們控制自己的國家。 We control our life, with our thoughts.我們控制我們的生活,與我們的思想。 […] [ … … ]

Creating Your Day With The Quantum Field創造你的一天與量子場

The most often referenced interview in the film “What the #$BLEEP*!最常引用的採訪在電影"是什麼# $ bleep * ! Do We Know!?” is Dr. Joe Dispensa’s comments on creating his day.我們知道! ? " ,是博士喬dispensa的評論對創造他那一天。 The following is the transcript of that part of interview.以下是全文的那一部分的採訪。
“I wake up in the morning, and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. "我醒來時是在早上,我和自覺地建立我的一天,我希望它發生。 Now, sometimes, because my […]現在,有時候,因為我的[ … … ]

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