by Andrew Galasetti of Lyved由鄭家富galasetti的lyved
How many times have you heard someone say, “Hindsight is always 20/20″?您有多少次聽到有人說, “事後孔明,始終是20/20 ” ? If you are like me, you hear it a lot and think it a lot more.如果你是和我一樣,你聽到了很多,並認為它還有很多。 Last year Jay wrote an article listing things he wished he’d known earlier.去年傑伊寫了一篇文章,上市的事情,他希望他要已知較早。 It got me thinking that the most crucial lessons in […]它讓我以為最關鍵的教訓,在[ … … ]

By Doug Stevenson由Doug史蒂文森
As the waiters cleared the dessert plates from the banquet tables, Joanne, the VP of Sales, stepped to the podium and began the annual meeting.作為侍應清理甜品板從宴會桌,喬安妮,銷售副總裁,加強到講台上,並開始了年度會議。 The CEO, Jeff Carlson, could feel the heat building under his collar.該公司首席執行官,傑夫卡爾森,可以感覺到熱的建設,根據他的衣領。 He wiped his sweaty palms on the linen napkin and took another sip of water to […]他擦,他出汗的手掌上的亞麻餐巾,並採取了另一個SIP的水[ … … ]

John C. Maxwell is world renowned for his knowledge of leadership, and his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader (published by Thomas Nelson, 1999), is clearly the place to get started.約翰C麥克斯韋爾是世界知名的為他的知識,領導才能,和他的著作, 21不可缺少的素質,一個領導人(出版的托馬斯納爾遜, 1999年) ,是清楚的地方,即可開始使用。 But first, let’s start with a simple question: Why do some people consistently inspire others to follow their lead?但首先,讓我們先以一個簡單的問題:為什麼有些人始終激勵他人效法他們的帶頭? According to John […]據約翰[ … … ]

By Carmine Gallo由胭脂紅蓋洛
Great leaders inspire.偉大領袖激勵。 They inspire everyone in their personal and professional lives, including customers, colleagues and employees.他們激勵每個人都在他們的個人生活和職業生涯,包括客戶,同事和僱員。 Here are five men who stand apart, and what we can learn from each of them.這裡有五個男子,他們的立場外,什麼我們可以相互學習他們。
Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group理查德布蘭森的創始人,維珍集團

Richard Branson turned a small student magazine into one of the largest and most diverse conglomerates […]理查德布蘭森把一個小的學生雜誌成為其中一個最大和最多樣化的企業集團[ … … ]

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