This is a Guest post from Blog Carnival participant, Edith Yeung.這是一個客戶後從博客嘉年華會的參與者,伊迪絲楊。 She is a powerhouse.她是一個強國。 Check out her blog.檢查出她的博客。
What motivates you to get up every morning?是什麼促使你起床,每天早上? What put a smile on your face before you go to bed at night?是什麼把微笑地對你的臉前,你到床上,晚上呢? Why do you do what you do every day?為什麼你做你做的每一天?
Imagine you are […]想像你是[ … … ]

Mountains have always captured our imaginations, calling us to scale their heights, to circle and worship at their feet, and to pay homage to their greatness.山一直被俘我們的想像,要求我們的規模,他們更上一層樓,以循環和宗教在他們的腳,並頂禮膜拜,他們的偉大。 Mountains can be seen from thousands of miles away, and if we are lucky enough to be on top of one, we can see great stretches of the surrounding […]山上可以看到,從遠在千里之外的,如果我們有幸得到再加上一,我們可以看到偉大的延伸的周邊[ … … ]

So I was using StumbleUpon earlier this evening.所以我是用stumbleupon早些時候傍晚。 And I ran across this page HealthMad.com我遇到此頁
According to Wikipedia:據維基百科:
A mudrā (Sanskrit, मुद्रा, literally “seal”) is a symbolic gesture, used in the iconography of Hindu and Buddhist art of the Indian subcontinent. 1 mudrā (梵語, मुद्रा ,從字面上來看, “密封” )是一種象徵性姿態,使用,在影像學的印度教和佛教藝術的印度次大陸。 They are usually made with the hand or fingers.他們通常是與手或手指。 Along with āsanas (seated […]隨著āsanas (坐下[ … … ]

by Laura M. Turner由勞拉米特納
Let’s face it, stress is everywhere.讓我們面對它,強調的是無處不在。 It lurks in every corner and around every bend, just waiting to “get” us.它隱藏在每一個角落,和周圍的每一個彎,只是等待“獲得” 。 And study after study concludes that although some stress can be productive, prolonged stress can lead to chronic illness.和研究後,研究得出結論認為,雖然有些壓力,可以生產,長期的壓力可以導致慢性疾病。
Yet, stress can only “get us” if we let it.然而,強調只能“讓我們”如果我們讓。 If we can agree […]如果我們能夠同意[ … … ]

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