Buying your first home is a major milestone and it is important that you acquire as much information as possible before taking this big leap.購買您的第一家是一個重大的里程碑,這是非常重要的您獲得盡可能多的信息,然後才採取這個大的飛躍。 While my clients generally ask me questions about improving their credit and getting a lower interest rate, this outline covers the entire process to, hopefully, make it an enjoyable and […]而我的客戶一般問我問題,改善他們的信用和取得較低的利息,這個大綱涵蓋了整個過程,希望使一個愉快的和[ … … ]

By Dian Hymer由殿hymer
One way to make money in real estate is to buy a property that no one else wants and turn it into a property that’s in high demand.其中一個方法賺錢,在房地產是購買的財產,沒有其他人想要把它變成財產的很高的需求。 Although the plan is simple, finding the right property in the right location and then buying it at the right price takes time, patience and […]雖然該計劃很簡單,找到正確的財產在正確的位置,然後購買它在合適的價格,需要時間,耐性和[ … … ]

When refinancing your home, it’s helpful to know a few things about refinancing.再融資時,你的家,它的幫助,知道一些事情關於再融資。 When you refinance, you usually pay off the old loan and sign for a new loan, whether you are refinancing your 1st mortgage, second mortgage or home equity loan.當您再融資,你通常清償舊的貸款,並簽署一項新的貸款,無論您是您的第一轉按揭,第二按揭或家中的股本貸款。 The expense that comes in to play when refinancing are the new […]犧牲來,在發揮時,再融資是新的[ … … ]

How did you get into real estate investing?您是如何進入房地產投資? Did you read a book on it?您閱讀過一本書呢? Was it a seminar?它是一個研討會? A meeting of some sort with speakers selling courses?會議某種與發言者銷售課程? Did you get really, really jazzed and pumped up by these simple (”not easy”) concepts that were delivered to you in parable form from the stage […]沒有你真的,真的jazzed和泵浦由這些簡單的( “不容易” )的概念,交付給你,寓言的形式從舞台[ … … ]

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