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If you are — or would like to be — an entrepreneur, yet you’d be happy to earn enough to live the life you want rather than becoming filthy rich, lifestyle entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you.如果您是-或想-一個企業家,但你很樂意賺取足夠的居住生活你想,而不是成為骯髒的豐富,生活方式,創業可能是一個良好的適合你。
Lifestyle entrepreneurs will generally base their ventures around time minimalism, or something they love, […]生活方式的企業家通常會基地,其合資企業周圍的時間極少,或一些他們喜歡的, [ … … ]

Here are 30 “if statements” worth learning if you have the intentions of leading a more productive life.這裡是30 : “如果聲明” ,值得我們學習如果您有意向,領導一個更具生產力的生活。
1. 1 。 If you don’t understand the product or service, don’t buy it until you do.如果你不明白的產品或服務,不買它,直到你怎麼做。
2. 2 。 If you do not take ownership of your actions, your actions will eventually own you.如果你不採取所有權您的行動,您的行動,最終將自己的你。
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Ever play with Tinkertoys as a kid?與以往任何時候都發揮tinkertoys作為一個孩子? This toy where you had wheels with peg holes in it, and wood stems of various sizes in which you could create anything.這個玩具在那兒,你不得不車輪用PEG的洞穴,和木材來源於不同大小的中,您可以創建任何事情。 Well, I ran across this book, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques, by Michael Michalko, has inspired my creativity… I’m […]那麼,我遇到這本書, thinkertoys :一本手冊,創造性思維技巧,由Michael michalko ,激發了我的創造力…我[ … … ]

Oh man, the past 2 months or so have been an interesting ride for Cultivate Greatness.哦男子,在過去2個月,或使已一個有趣的坐,為培育的偉大。 Someone with ill intentions had exploited a hole in Wordpress and attached some porn to my RSS feed, which thankfully, was incorrect code, so my RSS feeders didn’t see it, but Google did.有人與病患者的意圖,利用了一個洞,在WordPress和所附的一些色情我的RSS飼料,值得慶幸的是,被不正確代碼,所以我的RSS饋線沒有看到它,但Google沒有。 They in turn […]他們在把[ … … ]

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