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Is your Internet Time Useful or Useless?

11 08 2006

I find that my internet time is a little bit of each. Sometimes, I just waste hours at my favorite football team’s message board… > a great place for all my Chiefs news… However, I find myself spending too much time there. Heh. Hours can go by.”Whoa, [/keano reeves] I just spent 2.25 hours at that site without getting up.”Sometimes that is perfectly acceptable. Its a good release… a pacification of time. Away from your worries.

But we also need to be working on our passions. He that finds his passion and creates a career with that passion, is a very happy person. We should all strive for this.

Since I got online in 1996… I have built nearly a hundred different websites. I remember walking into the University of Kansas computer lab, and got online for really the first time. Within one week, I had created my first website. Wow. Somehow, I knew that I would have a career in some fashion with computers. They are inspiring.

The computers were way slower back then, but I envisioned a webs portal that was a search engine of multimedia…. Videos, Audio, Educational, inspiring, and throw in some nudie stuff, but make that area secure…

10 years later… and we started to put together this TimeCheeze,Cheese,Cheez Project. Its not anywhere where it will evolve to. But we are gonna need some help. No big idea is ever accomplished without the support of a few key people.

With todays technology and programming possibilities, we can create basically ANYTHING that we put our minds to. All we have to do, is to put our mind to SOMETHING. And set upon your journey with positive expectation instead of doubt and worry.

UrbanJonez Ideas in Motion
mediaThinkLab .
Circle of Influence Foundation
Method Laboratories
Launching Fall 2006.
VoteCapture Technologies

So basically, my point is… get something going. Spend some time on fun shit, sure, [like] but get your brain the know-how to get shit done. And… most importantly, get yourself a team of people who can do the shit that you arent so good at.

We all have strengths, and weaknesses… learn your weaknesses, accept them, and expand in those areas of needed personal development.

I got nothing but love for you and your ideas. Go make it happen… get some thing going.


Travis Wright

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