The World Is So Bad, Why Waste The Effort?!

7 01 2007

by Josh Bickford

It can be quite a scary image you’ll see if you focus on everything bad that is going on in the world. All it takes it turning your tv on or visiting an easy to reach website and your eyes are filled with images of poverty, war, oppression, death, injustice, starvation, genocide and every other bad thing that one can imagine. Choosing to focus in on these things can really put a damper on your attitude and your outlook of life.

I’ve had several people contact me and ask me whether or not it’s even worth reaching for magnificence in a world that is just so bad.

All of the bad things about the world are exactly why you MUST strive for greatness! It’s not a question of why you should or should not exert the effort to do something great with yourself, it’s how quickly can you do something great to help the world become a better place.
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Why Am I Hopeful? Come to EXPECT Success.

6 01 2007

by Travis Wright

Colts have beaten Chiefs in the playoffs 3 of the last 11 years.

Fandom has its price. Only one team wins each year in a given sport… so, 1/32 or whatever, is pretty slim that your team is gonna win. But, you know what? This is out of your control. And I think you have to separate yourself away from the outcome. We can only control, what we can control… so concentrate on becoming the best that you can be, and expect the best.

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I find myself always optimistic leading up to the games… then halfway through, you just feel it slipping away. This whole situation is something that is out of my control?

There are only a few things that you can control in your life. So, you better take care of those.

Take care of your body. And you won’t need to be hopeful of good health. You can expect it, because you have prepared for it. You work out consistently.
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We Succeed When We All Succeed

22 12 2006

by Contributor David Maister

In a previous blog post and article, I wrote about Jay Bertram, president of the TBWA office inToronto, who asked his people to evaluate him and offered to resign if he did not improve how well he performed his role as their leader.

As a follow up, here’s an end-of-year email that Jay received from one of his people:

Subject: We Succeed When We All Succeed

Dear Jay,

There are few leaders that have the many qualities that you have. You guide, support, listen, mentor, advise, educate and best of all lead by example (and these are only a few of your great qualities.) You find the good in everyone you come into contact with. You bring out the good in everyone.

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What You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee’s Kick-Ass Success

30 11 2006

by Alvin Soon via Life Coaches Blog

Bruce Lee. The very name conjures images of lightning-fast punches, rock-hard muscles, whirlwind footwork and a blazing intensity that demands attention.

If you’ve only known The Little Dragon from his movies, you’ve been missing out. Catch rare footage from his first American screen test, his demonstration at the International Karate Championships of 1964, of 2-finger push-ups (yes, doing push ups on 2 fingers), his infamous one-inch punch, and sparring sessions that, to me, make his movie fighting look slow (warning: video contains techno music!).

Mind-blowing, isn’t it? If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it first, because that’d make what I have to say next even more astounding.

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7 Destructive Habits of Highly Ineffective People

10 11 2006

WARNING! If you want to have a fantastic life, never engage yourself in these 7 deadly habits that incompetent people do.

Habit #1 - They Think, Say, and Do Negative Things.

Yup. They see problems in every opportunity.

They complain that the sun is too hot. They cursed the rain for ruining their plans for the day. They blame the wind for ruining their hair. They think that everyone is against them. They see the problems but never the solutions. Every little bit of difficulty is exaggerated to the point of tragedy. They regard failures as catastrophes. They become discouraged easily instead of learning from their mistakes.

They never seem to move forward because they’re always afraid to come out of their comfort zones.
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Why You Should Become A Mastermind

3 11 2006

Mastermind Groupby Jimmy Roos

Have you ever wondered why the head of a company is paid so much more than for example, specialists in the company such as an engineer? Is it because he knows every job in the company? No I don’t think so. He may have a general idea about what is going on in every department but that usually is it.

I believe it is because he knows or is supposed to know how to lead, organize, manage and bring together, different units to efficiently function as one. I call such a person a mastermind and I believe that anyone can become one.

As a mastermind you don’t need to know everything about a company or an area of business you wish to venture in. A little bit is helpful but not necessary.
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October Growth - Personal, Financial, and Professional

1 11 2006

by Travis Wright

October has been a great month. In all facets of my life, I have noticed improvement. In health, mind, spirit, relationships, and business. I find myself becoming more focused with my eyes on the prize of life. Regardless of whatever obstacles that I encounter, they are no match for the flow. Fun thing is, the flow is just state of mind.

For one, at the first of the month, I left a position with a Fortune 500 company, that I couldnt stand. It was stunting my professional and personal growth. So, I sent out into the universe the thought of creating a position for myself that will move me along the path of personal development, one that will help me with my book and public speaking career. Voila! I scored a dream position with a computer training institute here in Kansas City as a Technical Trainer. I will work about 2.5 weeks a month teaching students on Adobe and Macromedia products. My public speaking career has begun. This is exciting. This stuff works.
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Guy Kawasaki - Art of Innovation Video Speech at UCLA

19 10 2006

by Travis Wright

I’m searching for a new desktop wallpaper for my laptop tonight dealing with Innovation. So, I fire up Google Images and look for Innovation. Well, while searching, I noticed a large image entitled Guy Kawasaki Video, Art of Innovation. Well, this looks interesting, lets check it out.

Turns out, this is an hour and a half presentation video speech and powerpoint presentation combo. This is EXCELLENT stuff right here, ladies and gents. Set aside some time, and check this out.

Guy Kawasaki - The Art of Innovation