by Travis Wright

Sometimes people drift apart as friends, I think this is a fact of life. It feels that the more quote-unquote ‘Successful’, I get, the more I seem to drift apart from some of my long time friends. Has this happened to you?

I understand that sometimes, we no longer resonate with some of our current friends, and its time to let them go. Does this mean that they are bad people? Or does this mean that you are a bad person for not resonating with them anymore? Of course not.

“If you want to Fly with the Eagles, then Don’t Flock with the Turkeys”. I have always stated this. Some people may try to bring you down, or become your personal ‘Dream Stealer’. We don’t need no stinking ‘Dream Stealers’. Some people live their entire life around those who bring them down, and as a result, they live a life of mediocrity. Some people just want to work 9-5 for forty years out of their life and exchange time for dollars.

The reason that I am writing this tonight, is I have noticed, the more positive things that I write about, talk about, and work on… the more some of my ‘friends’ and I no longer resonate with one another. And I have come to accept this as part of the path that I am on. I could also see how some people who are on the successful-mindset path, could get discouraged by the lack of support from some of their friends.

A few of my friends, work for an honest wage, then come home and live for video games, music, movies, internet, and television. Many of them are content to idley waste/spend as much of their lives on these distractors as they can. They ‘chill’ and have as much ‘me time’ as they possible can fit into their day. Now, I don’t hold this against them, I just dont resonate with that behavior as much. Life is about freewill. We have choices.

Having aspirations of being a public speaker and successful businessman doesn’t mean that I have to dislike those things, because, obviously, I spend time on the internet… and I love music. My life just doesnt revolve around that anymore. Perhaps its part of the maturation process? Perhaps my ‘friends’ are upset that Im moving up the economic scale, whilst they sit back and enjoy their ‘me time’.

I’m married and have two kids. We just moved into a new house. I just scored an Instructor position at a Techinal Institute that frees up much of my time and I get to do something I enjoy. I am also, beginning to make some decent money online. Things should be great, right? Well, for the most part, yeah, however, Im trying to figure out this friend thing.

One of my friends say that I talk about success and business development too much around him. Its not the only thing we talk about, but he mentioned that he feels I talk about it too much. He says he isn’t “money conscious’.

Whoa. I would think if you aren’t money conscious, then chances are, you won’t have much of it. This is the case with this friend. He does alright, but he only gets by. And just ‘getting by’ is something that Im sick of, and trying to get out of. Im ready to fly. Not ‘Money Conscious’… wow.

I have to ask, why are so many people NOT success conscious? And am I supposed to change my way of thinking around my friends to bring myself to feign interest in video games, anime, movies, etc.? Or do I minimize my dealings with Dream Stealers who have entrenched themselves firmly into the path of ‘Status Quo’?

In my heart, I know that they care about me and are proud of the path that I am now embarked upon, and I think this is something that many people who start becoming successful may have to deal with. Some people like the status quo… some people want to move beyond the status quo… So, perhaps when the time is right, those embracing the status quo will come around, and I’ll be available to help lift them out of their stagnation.

But, do not let those ‘Dream Stealers’, who are embracing the ’status quo’, stop you from your Goals. Stay on path, in the end, they may or may not come around. And that’s okay. We can still send them love.

And remember this… “If you don’t pursue your own dreams in life, then you will wind up working for someone else’s dream!”

Travis Wright

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