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This video is a classic by Charles and Ray Eames, called ‘The Power of 10′. powers of tenThe Power of 10, gives a dramatic demonstration of orders of magnitude by visually zooming away from the earth to the edge of the universe, and then microscopically zooming into the nucleus of a carbon atom. It’s very moving, even though it was created over 30 years ago… regardless, it makes us understand that we are both small and very large. It is an awe-inspiring and a captivating 10 minute video.


by Travis Wright

Domain Names. Yes. I just scored another one. And another domain name… silently took another $9.24 from me again for another domain name. Oh. What about this domain name? What! I can’t believe that no one has thought of that domain yet!! You just have to buy it.

This happens to me several times a week. I think I may be addicted to domain names. Please help me. With the all of the different ways to make money online, being a ‘Domainer‘ can be one of the more lucrative. “Forget condos and strip malls. Domain names, the real estate of the Web, have been delivering far greater returns.”

REDHERRING: “Parked domains may become a billion-dollar industry, both for paid search operators like Google and Yahoo as well as a new breed of Internet real estate developers.” “Internet domain names are a hot commodity again. But unlike the 1990s, when speculators bought up Web addresses in hopes of reselling them later for a big payday, many of today’s purchases are aimed at cashing in on the boom in online advertising.”


by Travis Wright

Wow. I have to give props to my new friend, Steve Olson. He started his blog at in mid Sept. And by Mid October, he had already amassed 100,000 visitors.

This is simply amazing, I mean I think I hit about 1/5 of that, and thought I was doing marvelous! Along, comes Steve to awaken me from my bliss. However, we are all hear to learn from one another, and to grow. So, I will be using some of Steve’s tactics and some of the incredible links that he posted. We all want to know how to increase traffic for our blog, right?

I suggest you go check it out, RIGHT NOW!

How This Blog Attracted 100,000 Visitors in the First 30 Days

by matthew Meyer

Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful tool in a website publisher’s arsenal. It enables a person to monetize their sites easily. If used properly, it can generate a very large and healthy income for them. However if you are not using them rightly and just maximizing the income you squeeze from it, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table. Something all people hate doing.

How you can start earning money with adsense can be done easily and quickly. You will be amazed at the results you will be getting in such a short period of time.

Start by writing some quality content articles which are also keyword incorporated. There are a lot of people given the gift of being good with words. Writing comes easy for them. Why not make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extr a cash in the process.

A New Way to Get Rich: Google, Yahoo ads

For hundreds of thousands of people, the dream of making an Internet fortune works like this: Earn pennies at a time in exchange for allowing Google Inc. or Yahoo Inc. to place advertisements on a personal or small-business Web page.

Take Andrew Leyden, former House Commerce Committee counsel and founder of a dot-com venture that failed, who started, a search engine for podcasts. As the site’s popularity rose from a hundred hits a month in 2004 to nearly a million now, Leyden started making the equivalent of an entry-level government worker’s salary — $30,000 to $40,000 a year — simply because people clicked on ads. That allowed him to work at home in Chesapeake Beach, Md., trying to make more money by attracting still more traffic to his site. (more…)

Sometimes new money making ideas are immediately usable. However, sometimes you just have to let your imagination run wild and be impractical. This is a way to get that creativity going, and no matter how crazy the ideas may seem at first, there is usually a way to bring them down to earth, as in this first example.

Rental Cabins In The Air

I started with a crazy thought: “What if people could rent a cabin up in the sky for the weekend?” Right away my mind tries to make sense of the idea, and because the over-all goal is to have profitable innovations, it looks for ways to make it into a money making idea. I first imagined cabins which are suspended under large hot-air or helium balloons.

As much fun as it might be, this didn’t seem very practical. When I explored the idea further, though, I wondered if existing balloon-ride businesses could tap into other markets. If, for example, the gondolas were outfitted properly, and the balloons tethered, so they could be allowed to float two thousand feet overhead, would meditators then pay for a peaceful meditation retreat in the sky?

Another thought came to mind. Balloons could be high in the air, but easily cranked back in on a line. This might be simpler and cheaper than traditional rides, which involve chase vehicles and unpredictable landings. Perhaps this could be another way to make money with the balloons, charging a lower rate for simple up and down rides, and so getting new customers that couldn’t afford the usual rides.

This is how a crazy idea comes back to earth. Perhaps even the “weekend cabin in the sky” idea could someday be a money making idea, but if not, that’s okay. The point here is to get the creative flow going, and then find more practical ways to channel the output.

More Crazy Money Making Ideas

The following are pure imagination. I leave it to you to find a way to make these ones into potential money making ideas. Good luck and have fun!

- Put seats on the wings of an airplane and sell rides to thrill seekers.

- Sell advertising scratched out on the face of the moon.

- Rent out the animals at the zoo.

- Start an underwater school.

- Make a roller coaster course people pay to take their personal cars on.

- Sell pets genetically engineered to die young, for those who hate long-term commitments.

- Rent out children to undecided prospective parents.

- Have marriage insurance policies that cover the cost of a divorce, just in case.

- Have a swimming pool restaurant; diners sit in floating seats and eat off floating plates.

Scan the list and stop on any of the crazy ideas that catch your attention. Chances are good that you can find some way to transform it into a more practical idea, and that is the point. This exercise in imagination may be fun, but it is also a profitable technique for generating money making ideas.

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Steve Gillman has been exploring new ideas for a lifetime. Get a free gift when you visit his site for money making ideas, invention ideas, business ideas, story ideas, political and economic theories, and deep thoughts:

From my personal experience and from speaking with many other publishers, it seems that many of them cannot even garner enough earnings to trigger off a payment from Google (USD $100). This is really sad because many give up before even reaching the halfway mark. Imagine adding up all the quitters, the amount of advertising money Google would have pocketed without paying a cent!

Point #1 Find Your Niche.
You need to know about your topic or subject fully and be an at least knowledgeable on it. You write quality content, you get quality ads shown. It is as simple as that. If you really found profitable niche on but know nuts about it, you can always use free articles (like this one) and post them on your site with their links on them of course. It is a easy and quick way to get quality content to your site.

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