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Search And Ye Shall Find - Something

--> 6 11 2006

by David Stoddard The Unmotivated Motivational Writer

I was digging around stacks of papers last night searching for the columns I had written for the Alton Telegraph a couple of years back. I came across old magazines, papers with scratched out notes, past issues of the newsletter, printouts of ebooks, and even a few quotes I had come across over the years which were in sheet protectors. I made those for my own bits of inspiration over the years.

But in the process of my search, I came across a small collection of pages. Ramblings of sorts which I vaguely remember writing some 5+ years ago. They were written at a time when I wasn’t necessarily sure of what in the world I was doing. And maybe that hasn’t changed a whole lot to this point in my life.

I wrote of writing. What it was, what it meant, how I started to do it despite really not liking English classes growing up, and even why I didn’t do it even though I felt that is what I was meant to do. I wrote of my own expert status of being indecisive. I still think it has something with being a Gemini (and born on a Monday none the less).

I wrote of the future and what it could be, should be, but not quite what I intended to make it be.

I intend to share some of what I wrote back then, back when we had just gotten over our concern about Y2K and what that could have brought.

So, in the end, I never found the prints of the columns I was looking for. But in some strange way, I found something even more important. Those pages reminded me of who I was, and that I am still that same person. But it also allowed me to see that I am different as well. Older, maybe wiser in a sense, but still always searching for the answers for a better tomorrow.

I’ve got a question…

What have you been searching for? (Something to do? Somewhere to go? Friends? A good job? That lost sock from the dryer? Or something more important…… yourself).

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