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What is Web 2.0?

I am here in San Francisco this week at the Web2.0Expo at the Moscone Center. All week over at one of my other sites,, I will be doing a recap of the days festivities. As always, I will also be updating CultivateGreatness, however, I wanted to let you technophiles know that I’ll be at one of the most informative / innovative conferences about the web this week. Exciting times. Things are changing. And we have a great chance at helping mold the future.

Good times!

See you later today!

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  • How Do You Act Under Pressure?

    By: James Delrojo

    How a person acts under pressure tells a lot about what that person is like. A valuable strategy is to observe yourself when the pressure is off and when the pressure is on, notice the differences and see if you can learn something that may help you become successful.
    personal development
    If you put a grape into a press and turn up the pressure what happens? Well of course the grape gets squashed but what do you get? You only get 4 things; grape juice, grape pulp, grape seeds and grape skins. Why? Because no matter how great the pressure you can only ever get what the grape is truly made of.

    This is exactly the same with human beings and mental pressure.

    When people are under pressure they often act in ways that they would not necessarily be proud of but they justify this by blaming it on the pressure or the supposed creator of the pressure. They say things like “he made me angry” or “work is stressing me” or “my spouse is making me unhappy”.

    Tolerance is the Answer, Tolerance.

    by Travis Wright

    So, we have a global problem here on Earth. Too many people with too many belief systems. Is this the problem? I would venture to say no. The problem is most people Dept of Peacearen’t tolerant of other peoples beliefs. The world’s lack of tolerance for one another continues to cause mass havoc. This in turn, has created many wars, many fights, many disagreements, and many unpleasant situations for the world at large.

    Typically, if our U.S. government doesn’t like what another government is doing, they place sanctions upon them and force them to do things our way. If we don’t like what a family member or loved one is doing we typically will give them an earful. This is not always the best route. They need positive alternatives.

    The more negative or positive things are focused on, the more we notice them. Have you ever purchased a new car, then drove around town, to notice other people driving around in the same car? You get more of that in which you focus on. You focus on the ‘War on Terror’ or the ‘War on Drugs’, and you get more terrorism and more drug abusers.

    By: Katherine Westphal

    Recently, I had the chance to see “The Secret” at, which proposed a startling idea: we create our experiences with our thoughts through the “Law of Attraction”. If this is true, then the TV could be a serious Trash Your TVsaboteur of our efforts to attract positive experiences. In fact, the TV could help attract very negative experiences into our lives.

    What is the Secret?

    The basic premise of “The Secret” is that we all create our experiences through our thoughts. Through the “Law of Attraction”, we draw experiences into our lives that match our thoughts. We literally manifest our thoughts into reality. It is a simple and empowering idea.

    Unfortunately, there is a catch. If we focus our attention on our problems and the things that we don’t want, we create those realities, even though we do not really want them. If, for example, we worry about our debt and the bills we have to pay, we will create more debt, bills, and worry. If we focus on having money and being happy and grateful instead, we will eventually create that reality, at least according to the “Law of Attraction”.

    If this law is correct, then it has some far-reaching implications for viewers of some of the most popular types of television shows. (more…)

    by Travis Wright

    Sometimes people drift apart as friends, I think this is a fact of life. It feels that the more quote-unquote ‘Successful’, I get, the more I seem to drift apart from some of my long time friends. Has this happened to you?

    I understand that sometimes, we no longer resonate with some of our current friends, and its time to let them go. Does this mean that they are bad people? Or does this mean that you are a bad person for not resonating with them anymore? Of course not.

    “If you want to Fly with the Eagles, then Don’t Flock with the Turkeys”. I have always stated this. Some people may try to bring you down, or become your personal ‘Dream Stealer’. We don’t need no stinking ‘Dream Stealers’. Some people live their entire life around those who bring them down, and as a result, they live a life of mediocrity. Some people just want to work 9-5 for forty years out of their life and exchange time for dollars.

    Let Your Children Be Children

    by Travis Wright

    Ok, normally I won’t rant too often. However, something popped up on my radar that concerns me a bit. I was reading this morning and I noticed that this town near Boston, MA, is taking away all the fun from recess from these kids. No contact sports, No Tag, No Flag Football, etc.

    ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts (AP) — Tag, you’re out!

    Officials at an elementary school south of Boston have banned kids from playing tag, touch football and any other unsupervised chase game during recess for fear they’ll get hurt and hold the school liable.

    Recess is “a time when accidents can happen,” said Willett Elementary School Principal Gaylene Heppe, who approved the ban.

    Related Link: games ought to be enjoyed by all, but those that are intended for children should be kept innocent.

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