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Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

19 08 2006


I sometimes grab the Workbook for the “Course in Miracles” and open it randomly… and today, this is what popped up. Perhaps this will resonate with some of you, as it resonated with me.


Forgiveness is the key to happiness.Here is the answer to your search for peace. Here is the key to meaning in a world that seems to make no sense. Here is the way to safety in apparent dangers that appear to threaten you at every turn, and bring uncertainty to all your hopes of ever finding quietness and peace. Here are all questions answered; here the end of all uncertainty ensured at last.

The unforgiving mind is full of fear, and offers love no room to be itself; no place where it can spread its wings in peace and soar above the turmoil of the world. The unforgiving mind is sad, without the hope of respite and release from pain. It suffers and abides in misery, peering about in darkness, seeing not, yet certain of the danger lurking there.

The unforgiving mind is torn with Read the rest of this entry »

Being Your Own Cheerleader

19 08 2006

Many of us believe that the only way to feel good about ourselves is to have someone else constantly reaffirm to us that we are good people. The truth is, however, that the act of simply believing in ourselves can be enough to give us the necessary confidence to accomplish the impossible, achieve greatness, and pick ourselves up when we fall. Far too often we rely on others in our lives to provide us with a best friends kindness, a childs love, or a spouses support. If we need love and support, the first place we should look is within ourselves.

Being able to love ourselves requires a lot of practice. Overcoming years of negative reinforcement from society is tough to do. However, once you can successfully say you can love yourself, nobody can take it away from you. We must learn to be our own best friend, our own cheerleaders. We need to provide Read the rest of this entry »

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude… Even on a Bad Day

18 08 2006

Way of Peaceful WarriorDan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, described a time when his mentor, named Socrates, challenged Dan to sit out on a large, flat stone until he had “something of value” to share. Dan sat out on the rock for hours and hours. On more than one occasion, believing he had come up with something, he went to tell Socrates. Each of these times, Socrates decided the statement was not good enough, and he sent Dan back to the rock for more hours of pondering. Finally, Dan had an insight that he knew was something of value. When Dan shared this insight, Socrates looked up, smiled, and welcomed Dan back inside. The “something of value” that Dan had realized was this: “There are no ordinary moments.” This is the essence of gratitude. No moment, nothing in life, should be taken for granted. In developing gratitude for every moment — for the simple joys, and even for the challenging times in our lives — we come to truly enjoy and appreciate life. Then we are able to see the magic that surrounds us every second of every minute of every day.

There were times in my life, especially moments when I was “wowed” by the beauty of a mountain view or a sunset over the ocean, that I genuinely felt grateful for being alive. But I never really thought about consciously cultivating an attitude of gratitude until Read the rest of this entry »

A Money Trick… Literally

18 08 2006

Money ShirtI found this unbelieveably cool tutorial on how to create a very cool gift for a waitress, valet, or bartender. This will get you noticed a bit, and a nice little ice breaker.

The Money Tshirt Design | Be a Hit with a Tip!

Try to start with a relatively clean, crisp bill. It will make it much easier. All folds should be sharply creased. It helps to go over the fold with a fingernail on a flat, hard surface.

Read the rest of this entry »

Your Brain is the Greatest Computer Ever Created

18 08 2006

Have you ever walked into a room and couldn’t remember what you went there for? Have you ever grasped the hand of a potential client and then when the handshake broke, the name seemed to disappear from your memory? Or have you ever left a prospect and as you drove away remembered a key point that you should have shared with them?

Of course you have… we all have. However, I have some great news for you. Your memory is nowhere near as bad as you may think it is. Recently, I was a guest at a radio station in Waco. The disc jockey wrote a 50-digit number on a sheet of paper and told his listening audience and then played a three-minute song for his audience.

As the listeners enjoyed the song I memorized the 50-digit number. When the song was over we went Read the rest of this entry »

Meditation and mindfulness in everyday life

17 08 2006

ZenAnything you do or experience can provide you with an opportunity to practice mindfulness. But you may want to begin with some of your usual activities - the ones you may be doing now on automatic pilot while you daydream, space out, or obsess. The truth is, even the most routine tasks can prove enjoyable when you do them with wholehearted care and attention. Here’s a list of common activities with a few suggestions for infusing them with mindfulness:

Washing the dishes: If you set aside your judgments, which may insist you should be doing something more meaningful or constructive with your time, and instead simply wash the dishes - or sweep the floor or scrub the tub - you may find that you actually enjoy the activity. Feel the contours of the plates and bowls as you clean them. Notice the Read the rest of this entry »

The Top 10 Best Ideas For Setting Goals

17 08 2006

You cannot pick up a book or participate in a training program today without the author or instructor teaching the power of goal setting. Yet, most people today spend more time planning a two-week vacation than planning their lives by setting goals. It’s been said that achieving goals is not a problem-it’s SETTING goals that is the problem. People just don’t do it. They leave their lives to chance…and usually end up broke by the time they reach retirement.

I thought that since this is such an important ingredient for developing a successful network marketing business, this was a good time to share with you some of the greatest thoughts about goal setting that I’ve discovered over the years.

So, here goes… Read the rest of this entry »

How to Regularly Achieve Repeat Success

16 08 2006

Success is not a one-time act. You need to repeat one success with a second; and the second with a third … life moves forward and you need the next success to satisfy your growing expectations and desires.

You need to know how to make Success a habit.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Therefore, who succeeds? The only person who succeeds is the person who is progressively realizing a worthy ideal. The person who says, “I’m going to become this”… & then begins to work toward becoming it.

Here are 8 steps to help you realize success as often as you want: Read the rest of this entry »

Writing Questions to Focus Yourself for More Empowering Answers

16 08 2006

?I have found many ways to use the power of focusing attention through the writing process. Writing focuses your attention, sharpens and directs your thinking process, and clarifies situations. Written and well-thought-out questions often contain the answer, or answer themselves. I have used writing to focus my own attention, suggested written exercises for clients, and calmed and energized groups.

Writing Questions to Focus on The Job

During the first week of my first job following college, my supervisor told me to write down all my questions in preparation for talking the next day. While I know that she was motivated by finding a way to not be bothered with questions all day long from new employees, I have benefitted more from this suggestion than she did. I have come to consider the act of writing down a question to be a brilliant method for focusing attention that I have carried forward in many situations. Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing Where You Are Going Vs Bouncing Off The Wall

16 08 2006

Many singles are total helter-skelter and seem, from outward appearances, to thrive on that for a little while. But many more suffer from severe anxiety and extreme ups and downs of depression and unhappiness as a result of instability….

As I see it, one of the reasons for this is that many have no direction or purpose to their lives, or in short - no goals or direction. They are sort of bouncing off the wall taking whatever comes. Hopefully, they are just “killing time until Mr. or Ms. Right comes along”.

Marrieds (happy types), usually have some goals or purpose. Getting the kids thru school, saving up for the big trip, moving to a bigger or better house, striving to achieve some goal in whatever it is they are trying to do together.

Often when they reach that goal and they have no new goal, when they get the kids thru college or move into the house they always wanted, with no common goal left, the marriage falls apart. Read the rest of this entry »

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