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The Buddhist Practice of Mindfullness

10 08 2006

BuddhaWithout doubt one of the most potent forms of meditation is the practice of Mindfulness, (Pali - Satipatthana) - also known as Vipassana. here is the original Pali text on the subject.

    There is this one way, monks, for the purification of beings, for the
    overcoming of sorrow and misery, for the destruction of pain and grief,
    for winning the right path, for the attainment of Nibbana, namely the
    Four Arousings of Mindfulness. What are these four?

    Here a monk lives contemplating the body in the body, ardent, clearly
    conscious and mindful, having overcome, in this world, covetousness and
    dejection; he lives contemplating Read the rest of this entry »

Esoteric Secrecy

10 08 2006

Most mystical, or esoteric societies generally have something in common the world over. Their meditational practices, and the resulting inner experiences are regarded in the main as being confidential. Such esoteric “secrecy” has been around for centuries, and centuries. At initiation intellectual knowledge of the meditational practices are given. It may take place in a ritual setting where it is transmitted by speech. On the other hand, instructions may be sent via the post, or even by email! Anyway, there are a number of important reasons for esoteric secrecy which we shall discuss here:-
I. Direct Mystical Experience is not the same as Intellectual Knowledge.

Direct mystical experience is totally different to intellectual knowledge. This is the key reason why meditational practices are kept “secret”. With mysticism we are dealing with Read the rest of this entry »

Enlightened Thinking For Creating Wealth

9 08 2006

wealthWe become what we think. If you think poverty, it is inevitable that you will be poor. Whereas if you think prosperity, your life will generate wealth, you will blossom like a rose bud in the sunshine, like a caterpillar metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly. Creative ideas will start flowing, you’ll wake up each day looking forward to it, expecting new ideas to unveil themselves to you that day, to generate wealth, to make a difference in the world.

Your destiny depends upon you, by what you dwell on and the choices that you make. We all have the choice to either think, or dwell on the negative things of life, the impossibilities or the positive things, the possibilities. In the Bible it states that, “Anything is possible, if you have faith.” In other words, what do you believe in, what are the truths that you base your life on. If you truly believe that nothing is impossible to you, for you, then unlimited wealth is at your doorstep. Read the rest of this entry »

Heroes - Pohaku

8 08 2006

PohakuWho is Pohaku?

Pohaku is your spiritual coach. His job is to help you remember the things that you already know. Like a treasure buried beneath your house, this knowledge has been within you all the time and Pohaku is simply helping you unearth what is already yours. The shamanic belief system Pohaku uses is based on the ancient Polynesian system commonly referred to as “Huna”.

He has been living in Hawaii, practicing the Huna way for over 20 years and has studied Read the rest of this entry »

Plan your Credit Card Usage. Wise Up!

8 08 2006

While many people don’t like to talk about it unemployment is something very real that has the potential to be very damaging for the ill prepared. Due to poor planning and denial, many people once unemployed find themselves in a severe financial struggle. Credit card companies are calling them at home, at their old offices, and in some cases contacting them via mail and e-mail. So not only are they being stalked by creditors they are also, more than likely, getting calls of rejection from potential employers. What a way to spend a day. So how can you keep yourself from being in a similar situation? The key to surviving unemployment or an abrupt interruption in employment with out major blemishes on your credit report is setting up an emergency fund, and developing a plan which includes purchasing credit insurance, and contacting your creditors to let them know about your situation.

The first thing that all households should do regardless of whether you have credit cards or not, is to establish an emergency fund to cover your household expenses for up to six months. Read the rest of this entry »

Read, Learn, and Think Your Way to Success… Like Bill Gates.

7 08 2006

If Bill Gates Thinks It Matters …

Bill Gates doesn’t have to know everything. He recognizes that he has employees who do. But, he appreciates the importance of taking the time to learn what they know. He takes time to listen to their ideas. He takes time to think, to ponder the direction of Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal highlighted Gates’ bi-annual Think Weeks in a recent article In Secret Hideaway, Bill Gates Ponders Microsoft’s Future by Robert A. Guth. The concept took hold of my imagination.

Essentially, for many years, Gates has gone into Read the rest of this entry »

Tithing: The Active Ingredient in Living a Prosperous Life

7 08 2006

True prosperity has a spiritual basis. “God is the Source of your supply.” So states Catherine Ponder in her wonderful book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Just as we engage God through prayer for that which we claim to be true, and we connect with God spiritually through the practice of meditation, so too do we give the GIFT of Tithing to consistently keep in touch with the Infinite Source of our supply, God.”Systematic giving opens the way to systematic receiving,” according to Dr. Ponder. Giving to God 10% of that which we have received to persons or places where you are receiving your spiritual nourishment allows you to enjoy true prosperity with wondrous results.

The practice of the ancient law of prosperity is as old as we are as a species. From primitive man who offered sacrifices to his gods to evolving civilizations of Egyptians, Babylonians and Arabians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese, tithing (the word “tithe” means Read the rest of this entry »

Develop A Prosperity Consciousness

6 08 2006

Brian TracyThe starting point of all riches is the development of a prosperity consciousness. You must become a financial success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality.

Both poverty and riches are the result of a state of mind, and the most important single step you ever take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking, to impress into your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your financial goals. This must happen before anything else happens.

Think And Grow Rich…
When I was growing up, I was fascinated by stories of successful men and women and how they made and lost their fortunes, and then made them over again. I read about the importance of a prosperity consciousness in the book, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, several times. But I never fully understood what it meant until about five years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Have More Of What You Really Want

5 08 2006

If you are like most people, you may feel at the mercy of life and that you have little power over how things turn out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can learn to use attraction to have more of what you want. The Law of Attraction is a powerful force and is responsible for most of what you experience in life (good and bad). It is accessible to every human being at every moment in time. All you have to do is learn how to harness it to make it work to your advantage.
Everything in the world is made of energy - you, a rock, tree, or table. Energy is vibration, and everything vibrates. As a human (energetic) being, you have a frequency that you vibrate at - sometimes high, low, or in-between. Read the rest of this entry »

Learning From Failure

3 08 2006

Growing into success is not an easy thing to experience. You will really get knocked around a bit as you determine to win in your chosen career. The biggest drawback you have to deal with is the fear of failure. It can lead to many disastrous outcomes.

The first thing fear of failure does is breed an overcautious approach to opportunity.

Knowing when and how to utilize opportunity is fundamental to career success. Having knowledge about Read the rest of this entry »

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