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Heroes - Pohaku

8 08 2006

PohakuWho is Pohaku?

Pohaku is your spiritual coach. His job is to help you remember the things that you already know. Like a treasure buried beneath your house, this knowledge has been within you all the time and Pohaku is simply helping you unearth what is already yours. The shamanic belief system Pohaku uses is based on the ancient Polynesian system commonly referred to as “Huna”.

He has been living in Hawaii, practicing the Huna way for over 20 years and has studied with various Kahuna skilled in this knowledge. In 2000, Pohaku was given his Hawaiian name, “Na Papa Pohaku O Ka Honua” (”Foundation Stone of the Earth”) by a Kahuna Nui (Great Master) who is a descendant of King Kamehameha. The name “Pohaku” means “Stone”. The secret meaning of Pohaku is understood when you break the word into its Hawaiian root words of Po and Haku which can be interpreted to mean “Master of the Spirit World”.

One way to determine the effectiveness of a system is to examine its results. Pohaku moved to Hawaii as a young man in the mid ’80s with no job and little savings. By continuing to apply the Huna way to his everyday life, he reached financial success before age 40 by founding several successful technology companies. He has had a vibrant, meaningful, and happy marriage since the early ’90s, is raising two well-balanced children, goes bodysurfing twice a week, lives in the most beautiful place on earth and is less than a 15 minute drive from some of the best beaches on the planet.

Pohaku has a message for you:

I have learned to apply a scientific system that has resulted in a life so full, so wonderful, that many times I’m brought to tears, overflowing with gratitude. Now I’m going to share this incredible knowledge in the hope it will empower you to create the life that you want and deserve.

With all my Aloha,


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One response to “Heroes - Pohaku”

18 07 2007
Bill (02:50:39) :

Pohaku is a great man no doubt about it. I really loved his podcasts and hope that he is doing well.

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