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The John Lennon Approach to Creativity

16 09 2006

by Travis WrightJohn Lennon

John Lennon is one of my all-time favorite musicians. The work the Beatles created in their heyday, is simply amazing. In fact, I gave my first son the middle name, Lennon. So, Im definately a fan. So, when I say that Im taking the Lennon Approach to Creativity, what does this mean?

Well, to me, it was very poignant, while reading one of his biographies, where he stated. “Each day, I look for something to write a song about.” That is how he and McCartney wrote all those songs, as he tried to write something everyday. With 365 days in a year, that is a lot of song potential.

It’s possible to write something about what you are passionate about, everyday. It’s possible to do something that you are passionate about, everyday. It’s possible to do work on your dreams and visions everyday.

So, if we move forward each day with the outlook of looking for THINGS TO DO, pertaining to your goals, instead of procrastinating things… much more will be accomplished.

It is also best to do something as early as you can in the day. This gives you a great sense of actually making things happen that day, and could give you even more inspiration later in the day.

For instance, you never know when massive creativity is gonna hit you. Peter Frampton captured lightning in a bottle twice on the same day and wrote Frampton’s two biggest hits in “Show Me The Way” and “Baby I Love Your Way.” Interestingly enough the two songs were written in the same day and with their release on Comes Alive would chart at #6 and #12 respectively. How is that for a day of creativity?

So, Im beginning to take the John Lennon approach to creativity… and DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY!! This may not be in the form of a new article everyday, but this will increase the amount of words tapped on the keyboard, and allow some of my other businesses to truly prosper.

Won’t you join me?

©Travis Wright | Cultivate Greatness Personal Development Success Blog

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