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Getting Your Life Organized.

18 09 2006

by Travis Wright

Okay, I’m probably not the person who should write this blog. If you saw my office, I would recieve many jeers from a lot of you. But, I suppose the way to wisdom is to work through your ideas and find some solution to your life’s areas of improvement. How to get more organized? Hrmm.

Well, I read that it is CRUCIAL to keep your desk free of clutter. And to not store a lot of papers in a stack on your desk. This is hard, as I have 2 kids and a lot of papers/ ebooks/ notebooks/ reams of paper/ random stuff all over my desk. Oh man, my desk is a torrent whirlwind of activity. How can it be organized??!?

I decided that I need another bookcase or two, and another filing cabinet. Thank the internet guru, Craig, for; as this site has been a wonderous addition to my online world. Go to that site, and find some stuff to help organize your office, for very reasonable costs, from people who live near your community. Killer site.

So, now you can store more things on your bookshelf and organize your desk more effectively.

I also read in “Ask and It is Given”, by Esther & Jerry Hicks, Process #14: The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity. Basically, this here is getting a bunch of bankers boxes, and start putting your clutter in the box in alphabetical order. So have a box for a-b, c-d, e-f, etc… then get out your trusty microphone, and label the items in each box on a 3×5 index card. Store them in your garage or attic. Then, if you need something, go to a 3×5 index card, and go retreive the item.
Sounds reasonable.

Anyway, we all need to be a bit more organized. So, please comment me some ideas on how to become more organized, or blogs or tips to help us along our path to clarity. Thanks!!

Here are couple that I found already!

Much Love- Travis Wright

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