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The Million Dollar Savings Club - Day 15.

20 09 2006

by Travis Wright

Hey all. I began this savings quest, well… uh, fifteen days ago. The Million Dollar Savings Club was inspired by a blog that I literally, stumbled upon… Bryan C Fleming’s blog. Well, day 15 is upon us… and I have to recommend it.

This is a great thing, because a couple weeks ago, I mentioned how it seems like I am always getting cash, and spending it/handing it to other people. There was some sort of negative vibration reaction that I experienced by always handing my cash to other people. The only time someone handed me cash, was CHANGE that someone handed me from my larger bill. Quite a vibration rippling through the universe on my behalf of money.

So, the paradigm has changed. I find that I always have extra 1’s on hand, so that I can put a $1 bill in 3 separate piles, the FIRST thing each and every morning. I wake up, I put a buck in each pile, then go brush my teeth, and then work out.

So, I now have $15 one-dollar bills in my Savings pile, my Investing pile, and my Give-Away/Charity pile. It is quite interesting watching it grow. Its so cool. Money is growing on my dresser, EVERY DAY! Money is flowing into my life, instead AWAY from my hand and into others hands… its GROWING.

Start saving… :-)

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