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If You Don’t Run, You Rust

1 10 2006

by Travis Wright

If you leave a car sitting for too long, it will rust. If you remain inactive in any area of your life, you too, will start to decay. If you don’t consistently read and use your mind, your brain’s synapses will begin to atrophy, and the connections will be lost forever. If you no longer consistently exercise, you body will begin to die. Use it or lose it.

I need a Big Weekend.
Kick up the Dust.
Yeah, a Big Weekend.
If you don’t run, you rust.
- Tom Petty, Highway Companion

The line, ‘If you don’t run, you rust’, on the song “Big Weekend”, stuck out in my mind and made me ponder these things while driving back from a family reunion this weekend.

Tom Petty has been a model of consistency for over 3 decades now. He is most definitely one of my favorite musicians as his music always seems to resonate with me. The nuggets of wisdom that he brilliantly disguises throughout his songs are just one of the things I love about his music. His latest album, Highway Companion, is one of the best albums he has put out, since perhaps the 1995 release, Wildflowers. A couple things stuck out in my mind while listening “Big Weekend” yesterday.

“I can work, I can travel
sleep anywhere
I can cross every border
without nothing to declare
You can look back babe,
but, its best not to stare.”

Life is about action. It is about moving forward in life, with the right type of action. As Tony Robbins as so eloquently put it, “The Past Doesn’t Equal the Future”. We are unable to change the past. So, it’s okay to look back at what has been, and learn. But focusing and dwelling on the past doesnt help you much. Move forward. Make it happen.

Take the nuggets of wisdom that we have learned from our life experiences and make them work for you. And strive to be as consistent as Tom Petty’s albums. He turns 56 this year, and has been making great music since 1974, with his first release in 1976. Thirty years of making it happen! Keep up the kick-assness!

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