The Art of Rapid Manifesting

December 12, 2023

Learn how you can easily manifest your abundance and the life your deserve. There is no secret just simple steps to follow, achieving prosperity and abundance is simpler than you may think.

I had my first experience of manifesting a few years ago, after I read a book called Telepsychics: The Magic Power of Perfect Living by Joseph Murphy, the author claimed that, If I entered a deep state of relaxation and I pictured what I wanted with clear intent and great exception, it will manifest, I just had to let it go after I did the manifesting process.

When I finished the book, I decided to gave it a try, at night before falling asleep I pictured a sum of $125 on my bank account, at that time I was a 17 years old student with small money, $125 was huge for me. I pictured the sum with laser like clarity, I added great feeling of joy soon after, I let it go and felt asleep. The day after, I had completely forgotten about what I did but for some reasons I was attracted to check my bank account statut. At my biggest surprise, I saw an added amount of $150 . At this instant, I remembered of what I did the last night, the technique works, It was fantastic from then I knew, I will never ever to struggle financially If I follow the principle in the book known as the law of attraction. I never knew where this $150 where from and it doesn’t matter. With this extra money I bought other books on the topics of manifesting, I became very knowledgeable on the topic. All books put emphasis on the fact that, we always get more and It was true for me, I got $150 instead of $125.

One time, I was reading an article in a computer magazine about a Toshiba Laptop a high end model. I imagined myself using and having it, enjoying working with this great quality computer after this, I completely forgot about my reading and my day dreaming with the laptop. 4 days later, I had the visit of my aunt, she said she received a laptop and had no need for it, so she told me I can keep it until she need it. It was a Toshiba laptop not the model from the magazine but it was a good one nonetheless. I was then able to make the connection between my reading and the receiving of this laptop. This story doesn’t end here another couple of day, my uncle this time also offered me a laptop he said, he had no need for it and I can keep, it was a Toshiba high end model. I was once again more than surprise I got 2 laptops . Always more than excepted.

Since then, I have manifested so many things and far bigger things than that. I have always followed the same process.

1 / A deep state of relaxation, now I know the state I was is called theta. Nowadays, I able to reach it easily. A way to reach theta is to use music of binaural beat. I will provide a list of CD you can use to reach theta.

2/ Visualization of what I want with clear clarity and intent of purpose.

3/ Let it go, detachment is essential part of the success, forgetting about the process is important, doubt, worries will defeat the process.

Now, to manifest bigger thing such as an entire lifestyle or a very large sum of money an additional step is necessary for most of us. This is to clear emotional blocks, they will certainly arise as you try to develop higher qualities. These blocks usually come from childhood conditioning. A good way to work with emotional block is through a technique called the script from Karol K. Truman you can find the technique in her very good book ‘Feelings buried alive never die..‘ you will learn how to remove emotional fear, work with trauma, fear, bad behavior and illness. Another good clearing technique is the one by Shakti Gawain in her Creative Visualization book, the book is great and teach you about visualization and meditation as well. Which are important step to manifesting.

At some point, you may want stop working with the man-made rules of getting-things and solely use your mind to get things. I have find out that it is possible to build wealth and good quality of life without struggle on a constant basis. You will need to train your mind to do that, to make a change. I know of two ways, 2 years ago, I read a book called The master Key System this book has a 24 weeks plan to follow, which consist of 15 minutes on themed meditation to have total control over your mind. There is huge reward if you can complete the master key course. Because after you will be able to literally live in a state of rapid manifestation. This is a life changing experience and if you are ready for it, I can only encourage you to take it now. What is 24 weeks, if at the end of the training you can create the life you always wanted to have. Now, the Master Key System requires you to be at least disciplined and well organized, if you lack these qualities the Master Key System cannot be for you but still there is other very effective method to be a master of manifestation .

Gerald O Donnell from the Academy of Remote Viewing developed a course to allow people to create the reality they want, the course is called Remote Influencing and it guide you step by step to all the thing you need to know to be a master, he teach you how to relax and reach theta , an audio CD come with the course to help you with that. He teach you how to create the thing you want and the course also will guide you on resolving negative and limiting beliefs you may have picked up during your life. This is one of the best investment if not the most important investing you can do for your life.

If you embark into the becoming a master of manifestation journey, you want may want to read books that support your change during the journey . I recommend four books The dynamic laws of prosperity, from this book you will learn many important principles of manifesting such as giving , making vacuum to let go of the old.

The book Excuse me, your life is waiting by Lynn Grabhorn is excellent from this book you will learn concrete techniques to work with your feelings at your advantage, it is a must read book for manifestation. The book Born Rich by Bob Proctor is also excellent you will learn what is the law of attraction and you will get examples of many people who successfully use the skill in their life. It is a really inspiring book, I read it a countless number of time. Creating Money: keys to abundance by Orin and Sanaya Roman is also an excellent read the book teach how to use your energy to attract things in your life, such as money, people, clients and so on. Good book, if you know how to work with energy, the techniques in the book are more powerful if you completed the Master Key System or the Remote Influencing Course. I wish you success in your journey to a master in manifestation.

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One Response to “The Art of Rapid Manifesting”

  1. Tonya on April 6th, 2007 1:22 pm


    I gravitated towards your article; energy healing, spiritual path and purpose, writing, music, teaching perspective to manifestation. Manifestation intrigues me. I will read the recommended books. You mentioned you’d offer a list of CD’s which would teach one to go into a theta state. I didn’t find the list though…?

    The course will be on my “Wish List”. Want to change the limiting beliefs built into childhood (and still hanging onto them). I can feel personal spiritual growth deeply, something’s brewing beneath. Reading voraciously, absorbing readily. Preparing a disciplined life through life’s experiences.

    Please forward any other greatly recommended materials and insights. Much gratitude goes out to you for being of service to others through life’s example.



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