Setting a Goal is Essential

December 31, 2023

By Honman

We need a destination before we can set off towards our destination. We need a purpose in our life to be meaningful. Something that said:” My presence will make the difference!” or “I will made others life better.” For some people, religious beliefs that guide them would fulfill this. For others, it could be achieved through charity or social work. Many individual spend their spare time with the aged or the less fortunate achieved this as well. There is a Chinese saying “Helping others is the source of happiness”.

Draw a plan that includes your goals and aspiration will give you a clear direction in life. People who drift through life plan felt helpless and powerless. When you have a goal, you are driven towards success. The goal has to be something matters and important to you. It should be something that you are interested.

When you have a goal and life plan, go on to build a bright future for yourself. You must believe that life is full of opportunities and it will provide you with a unlimited source of energy. We can have one huge goal in mind but we also need to set achievable goals. It is important to set small, achievable goals. When a target is met, our confidence increase and our self esteem is heightened. Goals should be specific and have a time frame.

A study was done on a class of Harvard students .When they were undergraduates, they were asked what plans and goals they had for their future. Only 3% of them had clear goals while the others were not sure about what they were going to do. After they had graduated for ten years, the 3% that had clear goals made more money than the total amount of the other 97%. This shows that it is essential to have clear goals.


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