How Do You Act Under Pressure?

March 26, 2023

By: James Delrojo

How a person acts under pressure tells a lot about what that person is like. A valuable strategy is to observe yourself when the pressure is off and when the pressure is on, notice the differences and see if you can learn something that may help you become successful.
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If you put a grape into a press and turn up the pressure what happens? Well of course the grape gets squashed but what do you get? You only get 4 things; grape juice, grape pulp, grape seeds and grape skins. Why? Because no matter how great the pressure you can only ever get what the grape is truly made of.

This is exactly the same with human beings and mental pressure.

When people are under pressure they often act in ways that they would not necessarily be proud of but they justify this by blaming it on the pressure or the supposed creator of the pressure. They say things like “he made me angry” or “work is stressing me” or “my spouse is making me unhappy”.
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5 Money Origami Tricks: Great Ways To Leave A Tip

March 25, 2023

I was over at a Japanese friend’s house the other night and he started to show me how to make origami with Japanese money. We were having a great time when he said, “The only problem is that there is no tipping in Japan. When I was In the US, I would fold the dollar bills there and leave them as tips. It was so much fun watching the waitresses when they went to gather the tips. I miss doing that.”

That’s when it occurred to me that it really would be fun to leave your tips as origami. At the very least you would leave an impression and likely the people at the restaurant would remember you from that day forward whenever you came in. So here are five origami that should leave a lasting impression when you leave a tip:

#5 Shirt:

Origami Dollar Bill Shirt

Here are the directions to make the shirt. Below is a video showing how to fold the shirt.

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Link Love - Articles and Posts I Found Recently

March 24, 2023

There is an amazing amount of quality goodness out there in the blogosphere. I’d like to feature a few that I found recently, that I feel you may find useful as well.

These are just a few of the cool posts that I have recently found, Ill be sure to share more as they pop into my radar.

Have an ExtraOrdinary day!

What Everyone Should Know about Battling their Family Members

March 23, 2023

by GuestBlogger Aaron Potts

Very few people in history (if any) have gone through their entire lives without coming to blows with members of their family at one time or another. Sometimes it is parents and children who can’t see eye to eye, sometimes it is a struggle with in-laws or siblings, and sometimes it is married couples who take it to the ring on a frequent basis.

Whatever iteration of family strife that you have in your life, it is rarely an occurrence that has positive results. Controlling this issue can benefit everyone involved, including yourself.

This article is not meant as a psychological analysis of family trauma. However, at a basic level, family problems can at least be alleviated – if not avoided – by simply learning to control emotional responses.

The issue of who is right or wrong, or what resolution is found for any given situation is not nearly as important as the emotions that are generated during the struggle.
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