Personal Development Checkpoint: Taking a Look Back

May 23, 2023

by Aaron Potts

Have you ever stopped, turned around, and just looked back on your life to see what you have accomplished? This isn’t in reference to the constant “hum” of memories that make up our past experience and that power our day to day lives in the present. No, this is more about stopping the presses and actually taking a measurement of where you are now vs. where you were in the past.
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As human beings, we all go through life with goals, or at least with a general picture in our minds of where we would like to be in the future. For some people their vision of the future is very specific, whereas other people just have a general concept of what they want their future to look like.

Regardless of which camp you personally fall into, it is imperative that you stop and turn around every now and then to see if you are even headed in the right direction!

If 5 years ago you said that you wanted to lose some weight and start enjoying the many benefits of living a healthier and more confident lifestyle, it should go without saying that no matter how overweight you used to be, in 5 years time you should have been able to accomplish that goal.
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6 Dangerous Reasons People Do Not Set Goals and Never Succeed

May 23, 2023

By Joshua Uebergang

Goal setting is the framework for personal achievement. It is the backbone of becoming a person you desire to be. Setting and achieving personal goals will guarantee you success. Most people who do set goals have little to no understanding of goal setting and as a result fail to achieve them and never succeed. You would think that if goal setting was the ultimate skill and leadership trainingsecret to success that everyone would develop their own personal goals and learn to achieve them. Unfortunately, the world is not that perfect. There are six dangerous reasons people do not set and achieve their goals which act like a road block to their success.

There are several reasons why people do not set goals similarly to why people do not care about communicating effectively. I know with absolute certainty that everyone will experience a more successful and far enjoyable life if they learned to communicate effectively. Arguably the greatest modern day personal development Coach, Anthony Robbins said, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” Effective communication determines the quality of your life with others while self development determines the quality of your inner life.

The first reason I believe why people do not set goals is they do not see its importance.
Like people who do not develop their communication and other aspects of themselves, they do not see the importance of setting goals. I have met people who are unbelievably resistant to developing their communication. They have actually found it insulting to think they need to improve how they communicate! Every single person on the face of this Earth can always communicate more effectively and have their life improve as a result. Likewise, with goals there are people who do not see the importance of setting personal goals. Goal setting forms the foundations for personal achievement and it is of the utmost importance.

The second reason why people do not set goals is a fear of others caused from criticism.
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Public Speaking is the Number One Fear

May 21, 2023

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear. If you have seen poor performances, you can understand why! Matt Eventoff can help you overcome this fear. Numerous CEO’s and corporate chairmen; local, state and federal candidates; and leaders throughout the country have trusted Matt Eventoff as their strategic advisor. Matt specializes in preparing and advising corporate and political leaders prior to debates, speeches, negotiations, board meetings, presentations and every other speaking engagement or opportunity imaginable.

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Four Reasons Why We Procrastinate

May 20, 2023

By Carol Halsey

Have you ever spent time thinking about a task you need to tackle but keep putting off, then spend time telling yourself you just must get started and wondering when you will start it, and then feeling guilty because you are working on other tasks instead. Yet this one keeps hanging over your head. If this sounds familiar, you may be one of the many people who procrastinate, and procrastination is probably the biggest time waster.

Putting off the inevitable, sometimes until a deadline is staring you in the face, causes the highest stress level, and results in managing time by crises. There are many reasons why people procrastinate. For some it happens occasionally under specific circumstances, and for others, it is a way of life. Here we will explore a few of the reasons behind why people procrastinate.

1. Poor work habits. These people procrastinate on everything. They are so far behind that they are constantly trying to keep up with yesterday. Boy, talk about high stress!! Their response is usually, “I work best under pressure.” If the truth be known, they are poor organizers and have trouble prioritizing tasks and scheduling their time. It is easier to wait until the last minute to start a task because in their mind it is now important.

2. Feeling overwhelmed. When we don’t know how to do something, it is easier not to do anything at all. Or maybe we feel it would be too time consuming to learn what is needed to accomplish a particular task. It seems like it would take forever to complete. This is the time to break the task down into manageable parts. Decide a starting point and work for short periods of time, say 10 to 20 minutes. Then check off each part as completed. This imparts the feeling of accomplishment as work is being completed.
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