The “I Want Manifesto”

August 12, 2023

By Katie Mattson

The words, “I want” are two of the first words we learn growing up. We all went through the toddler phase of reaching out to anything that was shiny and saying “I want…” As adults, we still struggle with this verbal and emotional condition. Often, we aren’t clear about what we want or don’t know how to get it. This is where the “I Want” Manifesto comes into play.
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The “I Want” Manifesto – I want what I want, when I want it. But…how do I get it?

Figure out what you want. This seems obvious, I know. In order to get what you want, you first have to know what those wants are. Ironically, most of us are walking around in a fog, attached to the short-term material things that we can easily obtain – those shiny objects we learned about in our childhood that distract us from our big dreams. Stuffed aside for later are our emotional needs and wants. Form a really clear vision detailing the type of lifestyle you desire. There are certain key areas in our lives that, when in harmony, allow us to obtain just about anything we want. Those areas are: relational, financial, personal and professional. What do you want for yourself in each of these areas?

Even deeper than the type of lifestyle you desire is your inner fire, your deep purpose. Inside each of us is a uniquely tailored voice that no one else has. A voice that, when found, is so powerful we have the ability to change thousands of lives. What do you want to share with the world?

Journal, ask and live.

Tired of this advice yet? All those wants are occupying your thoughts. Save yourself the energy of remembering them and write them down instead. Go ahead and put a column out there for the “I Don’t Wants,” too. You’ll relieve yourself of the pressure to keep track of it all. Keep a special journal that you can update frequently and read often.

Next, start asking for it! Whether it’s a small personal goal or a huge dream, start asking for help. You can ask God or the Universe, whichever you are more comfortable with. The important thing is to put your order in. Find your voice, summon the courage and ask. There is no limit to how much you ask for either. Just make sure it’s what you really want, because you have a really good chance of getting it!

Your only other commitment is to live it. Begin to ask for the help, support and the contacts that you need to make your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You’ll naturally attract what you need in order to get what you want IF you are living your purpose. In the wise words of Thomas Leonard and his 28 Principles of Attraction, “Get a fulfilling life, not just an impressive lifestyle.” It’s not about how much you have, it’s about how much you love what you are doing at any given moment. How much do you love what you’re doing right now?

Hold your horses!

Creating a fulfilling life takes time. And it might not show up the way you think it will. Pay attention, be specific and then open up your heart. Life has an uncanny way of working out doesn’t it? So, relax about the When. Once you’ve asked, it’s up to you to remain open to all interpretations of receiving. Beyond that, relax and let life work itself out. You will get all the pieces you need, when you need them.
This doesn’t excuse a proactive approach. You know the old joke – if you want to win the lottery, buy a lottery ticket! If you want something that requires action on your part, take action! Don’t sit idle, but don’t try to force it either. If you don’t have a particular strength in a certain area, ask someone more qualified. Ask for advice or ask for help. Ask for what you need.

Gratitude goes a long way.

Be thankful for what you have. If you can’t appreciate what you’ve received, what’s the point in asking for it? That tells me you didn’t really want it anyway. Be gracious to the people who step up to help you. Be gracious for the moments that give you what you asked for. Even be gracious for the moments that haven’t reached you yet. One of the quickest ways to get what you want is to thank your higher power for the gift of it already. You’re training your mind to expect it and in turn, your actions move you toward it as well.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

As toddlers, we had no qualms about reaching toward and asking for what we wanted. As adults, we fear appearing greedy or selfish if we go after what we want. There is a very simple solution for this. In the “I Want” Manifesto, I put a special clause that excuses these fears. Repeat after me: “As long as I am changing the lives of people around me by doing the work that is unique, purposeful and authentically mine…I’m allowed to have anything my heart desires.”

When you can honestly say you are fulfilling that inner passion, lighting that inner fire and expressing that unique voice, all of the things you ask for will kindly introduce themselves into your life. Live with a fire so bright others can’t help but be illuminated and your life will reward you in beautiful and amazing ways, beginning from the inside out.

If you ever begin to feel a little lost in your journey, go back to the “I Want” Manifesto and start at the beginning. Life is about the journey, not always the destination. If you aren’t loving the journey or excited about where you’re going, why are you traveling there?

About the Author-

Katie Mattson is the owner and professional coach of Momentum Coaching. Katie acts as a catalyst for individuals and small groups to stretch their personal boundaries, face their fears and take big leaps. By creating awareness and motivation, Katie helps her clients to have the courage to create easier transitions in career and life.


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