Shifting into Gratitude

November 3, 2023

life hacksThe Question of Worthiness

We all know what it’s like to finally get something we want, only to find ourselves feeling as if we don’t deserve it. Whether it’s a car, a new job, or a date with someone wonderful, we suddenly feel as if we are not up to it. Something in us wants to reject this gift from the universe, perhaps because it requires that we think of ourselves in a new way or makes us question why we should have something that others don’t have. If these feelings of unworthiness are not consciously acknowledged, they can lead us to sabotage ourselves out of the gift being offered. Perhaps the best way to avoid rejection and sabotage is to simply shift into a state of gratitude, bypassing the question of worthiness altogether.

The question of whether we or anyone else deserves something is not really in our jurisdiction. These themes play themselves out in ways we can’t fully comprehend-on the level of the soul, over the course of many lifetimes. What we do know is that the universe has its own way of shifting the balance over the course of time so that all things are ultimately fair. We can trust in this process and understand that when a gift comes our way, it is because we are meant to have it. Otherwise, it would not be available to us. Accepting the gift with gratitude and using it to the best of our ability is true humility.

When we receive a gift and find that feelings of unworthiness crop up, we can simply acknowledge the feelings and then remind ourselves that they are beside the point. We might say to ourselves, “I am meant to have this.” As we allow ourselves to accept the gift, we might feel tenderness in our hearts that naturally shifts into a deep feeling of gratitude. As we sit for a moment, consciously holding the gift in our hands or in our hearts, we say “yes” to the universe’s many blessings, and we also say “thank you.”

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2 Responses to “Shifting into Gratitude”

  1. Jimmy Roos on November 5th, 2007 6:20 pm

    Yes I agree fully. When we are grateful for what we receive we open the doors to the Universe gving us even more. When we refuse what we are given we also shut the doors to receiving more.

    For example, I used to refuse gifts given to me by people who I believed could “not afford to give.” So instead of receiving and just being grateful I would give it back and say keep it.

    However I later realized that by giving back or not accepting I was stopping my flow. It is not our job to decide who we should accept from or who we should not accept from just as we should not qualify who we should give to before we give.

    There was also a time when I would say, I wouldn’t give to certain people because they may use the money to buy alcohol. I later realized this was wrong. Our job is to help whoever comes on our path. It is their rersonsibility what they do with what the receive, just as you are accountable for what you are given.

    So let us receive gratefully and give joyfully.

    Jimmy Roos

  2. Brenda on February 2nd, 2008 3:26 am

    I enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming

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